Perfect MUni shoe / boot

Hi all,

A while back I asked advice on the perfect MUni shoe/ boot and I got a lot of great adivce. I set-out on a quest to find the AXO Dually boots but soon found out that they always out of stock in my size and later realized that they were not being made any longer. I finally found a pair at and ordered them - $80. When they showed-up they were made with the name 661 on them. Also, in the little sales propaganda that come with the shoes I noticed that the 661 ankle-biters looked exactly like the AXO ankle-biters. Did I miss something? Is AXO really 661 or did 661 take over some AXO product lines?

The 661 Dually are awesome! Perfect! The rubber is soft enough for a great purchase on to the pedals, the sole seems to be stiff enough though today I plan on trying (per someone’s here’ s suggestion) some liners and arch supports. And the main reason that I got these was for the ankle protection and this too is great! These low boots laugh at the ankle-bitters (which I recently got too).

Thanks to all of you that coached me toward these boots. Thumbs-up on these!


I’m glad to hear the positive feed back for the 661- otheres had raised concern that the 661 (formerly AXO) Dually was markedly inferior to the AXO. It would be interesting to see how your assessment bairs out over time. From what I gather, and ankel protection on the 661 PALES compared to the AXO model, which also provided excelent support and an integral gaitor. Regardless, any shoe that at least features some of these qualities would be welcome on my feet, regardless of how it’s predecessor stacked up. What size did you get?