Perfect Lines - 2. place at FLUCK [HQ]

Here’s the movie we made for the video competition at FLUCK.
We got 2. place for it.

Running time: 10 min


Very nice, that shot at the end with all the dif shirts, pretty trick. Great riding, great editing.

That was very nice, if that was second first must be mind blowing, great skill and brilliant editing well done

yeh i remember really liking this in the comp, its a great video with bit of everything at a high standard, well done xx

very nice editing

thanks for comments.

fredrik is an awesome editer

wow! nice:D me and the guys that made this video is in same unicycle club:D

wow thats an awesome vid!!

Wohoo! You rememberd my name in the credits!
But who won the comp?

The sinco video with Kristian Kovac wins and Arthur Caron did third I think.

All videos was streamed live and now they are online here.
Actually it’s not the complete set of videos, tomorow over the day it should be complete.

And YES Fredrik is a great rider and it was great to see him all over Fluck ! Also the other riders in the vid.
I think it’s time for a Fredrik Channel at utv

man that was intense riding keep it up

just repeating what everyone else is saying.
great editing, filming, riding.
solid video.



me and my brother just watched it on 42" plasma and the quality was amazing.

very good video, nice riding.

bye bye

liked it, well filmed. The intro dragged to much though

I think this video should have got first.

which video did get first?