Perfect Job

Just went to the job centre as i need cash for a few new toys I want.

Perfect Job came up.

‘Cycle Teaching’

For 25 hrs a week, on a good pay, you teach people how to ride a bicycle in their local area.

Applied, so lets hope i get it :wink:

Ha Ha! I hope you get it!

Thats weird, I was thinking about you this morning! I havent heard from you in a while and you havent posted on the forums for ages!

How have you been? Done much unicycling lately?

Rock on!

Good luck!

I might see you cycling around as I’ll be working around and about on the Wirral (based at Clatterbridge Hospital) for the next three months.

Cool…If you get the job maybe you can get some people on the side who want to learn to uni…Make more money you can!

I run a business around the corner from clatterbridge :roll_eyes: