Perfect Day.

So this morning I wake up ready to ride. I walk in to the kitchen where my parents are cooking breakfast. I sat down with them and had coffee with eggs, biscuits, and bacon. I go get ready and start to ride. Everything goes good for a while. Doing crankflips, and 180flips.

Then from there on out everything goes COMPLETELY WRONG.

  1. I decide to go spot at a chuch that has a couple of sets. A curb, a 2 set, 2 4 sets, and a 3 set. I start flipping the 3 set. Then i try to 180flip it. I almost get it and then I tried, the uni shot out from under me, hit my camcorder(about 15 feet away) it falls over onto the asphalt.
    I walk over to check it out. My viewfinder shell is laying there and all the wires are hanging out with the glass piece attached on the viewfinder. It still works though. Nothing that superglue couldn’t fix. I go back home to get a drink.

  2. A little later I go back to riding. I found out I have gotten goat heads in my tire. I pick them out with a stick. Somehow one got on the back of my pants and stabbed me. I reach down to see what it was and it sticks in my finger. It starts bleeding. FANTASTIC.

  3. I keep riding and go back to the set i was trying to 180 flip. After a little while (of course its when im getting really close) I hurt my ankle. At that moment a lady comes from across the street(pretty much out of no where). She tells me to stop riding on the steps. I think she was the pastor’s wife. I tell her okay and ride off.

  4. I look down as I was riding back and found out that i had lost one of the pieces to the viewfinder. Its the part that makes the image of the viewfinder larger and clear.(Kinda like a magnify glass I guess). So I come home.

Im sitting here with a hurt ankle, broken camera, and no place to ride. Just the end to another perfect day.


pitty. and why didnt u just slap the lady telling you to stop?

damn what a crappy day, is it an expensive piece you lost?
whats a goats head?

^yes, what is a goats head? Like a hitchhiker? (one of the sharp, pointy-on-all-sides things that goes into your socks and shoelaces?)

And I believe that what you’re now missing from your camera is a small fresnel lens. The larger ones can be quite pricey
(and can melt asphalt!), but I don’t know how much a replacement one for a camcorder would be.

That does suck that you can’t ride at the church anymore (when she’s around), but now you can go and make some 1337 7R14LS obstacles…but maybe you’re a street rider…hmmm…keep going until they put up a sign that says “NO UNICYCLING”. That’s what I did/am still doing at my school. They have some nice tables and stairs, but no sign to prohibit unicycling (although bikes, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and “unauthorized vehicles” are strictly prohibited!)

One of the campus security “officers” (rent-a-cops on golf carts) knows me as the dissident unicyclist. But I told them that I would stop riding there if they put up a sign. How hard is that to do? They must not care all that much…

Find -or make- someplace else to ride. See if your camera is still under warranty; if so, make up some excuse that they will replace it for.

This is a goathead.

Yeah im a street rider so I guess i will just have to find another place to ride. She told me that i was “playing” on the ramps. The funny thing is that on the other side they had a NO SKATEBOARDING BIKING OR BLADING sign and on this side at the front they had a NO SKATEBOARDING OR BLADING sign. But I was farther back.(Big church). She didn’t say nothing bout the signs and neither did I.


P.S. Who knows bout the camera, I might just leave it like that for awhile if its too expensive.

So presumably they don’t mind you biking round that side of the Church? I mean they’ve got to be useful for something.

Well I still don’t know what to do about my camera. I guess i will just use the screen but its sooo hard to see during the day time. I found out I can hold my eye away from the viewfinder and look into it and see the image but its really small. Theres no chance of going back and finding it though because even if it was laying in the church parking lot, it would probably have gotten ran over all ready with church being this morning.

Maybe today will be alot better.