Perfect condition custom Koxx trials

Shipping to US

My daughter wants this. What’s shipping to Colorado, US.?

brn, does your daughter want just the pink frame or the whole uni? Theres a custom KH going for $425 including shipping.
and i kinda want the wheelset on this :wink:
I was trying for the other uni and shipping came to almost $150

She wants the whole thing, but only if shipping doesn’t break the bank.

who wants the whole thing? where is “she”? my sisters partenr works for a shipping company so i can get it cheap.

ah, sorry i didn’t see the other 2 posts, i’ll find out shipping to colorado later today.

the whole unicycle is still available. any takers?

how much is shipping to Knoxville Tennessee

I’m still waiting for shipping quote to Colorado, US.

sorry i forgot all about you man! i sort that right away!

£125 postage to both of you, this seems pretty high for my liking but it’s the best i can get, this is even with staff discount! if your both willing to pay this, highest offer gets it, if not, £200 and £125 postage.

That’s more than I want to spend. Thanks for checking. I’ll keep my searches closer to home. Good luck with your sale.

completely understandable, good luck with your search :slight_smile:

MY friend is intrested in buying this uni…
What think about 140euro + shipping costs?

140 is much too low. sorry.


I am very interested; I will send you a private message with offer and contact details.



I just received the unicycle today (I think it got held up in customs for a bit, but that was no one’s fault). I can’t wait to put it together and go for a ride :smiley:

make sure you get a video up :slight_smile: