Perfect condition custom Koxx trials

For sale is my Custom Koxx one unicycle
the unicycle was origionally a White widow,
the frame has been powder coated a great pink and remains in perfect condition, no scratches at all, the frame has been protected by lizard skin fork protectors, these will be included in the sale. the frame has a skull and cross bones sticker on the front and a “seventies” sticker on the side.
the rim remains white, but the rim tape has been replaced for an apple green, the dustcap is a Blue dice. the tyre has barely any wear on it. and the same goes for the saddle.
the only signs on wear are on the cranks and pedals where some of the paint has been scratched off.

i spent over £200 on the unicycle when i bought it new and have since spent in excess of £50 getting it the way i want.

this unicycle would suit a beginner or an expert that wants a unicycle that really turns the heads.

i’m selling it for a few reasons; firstly i need some money to put towards my motorbike test, secondly i don’t use it all that much anymore and thirdly because of a medical condition that leaves me with reduced energy.

i’m happy to post this abroad if you par the postage. if you tell me where you live, i can get a quote.

i’m looking for offers around the £200 mark, please understand this unicycle means alot to me and i’m finding it hard to bring myself to sell it, so please don’t make silly offers.

edit: sorry about the photos, if you want some better ones, send me a message and i’ll sort that out.


Are you willing to part it out? :slight_smile:

me wantee the rim!

i don’t think i would part it out, i don’t want to be lft with a load of pieces that i can’t sell. sorry dudes.

what about the entire wheelset? including tyre and cranks and all that lark? :slight_smile:
that isnt parting it out toooooo much? :smiley:

if someone else agrees to buy the frame, saddle and seat clamp, i will do that.

hmmm… A pink frame is attracting me…

I’ll take the top half if Ali has the bottom…

the whole top half? this seems perfectly fine by me, although…how do i split the cost guys?

How does £120 from me for the wheel, £50 for the frame and shizzle from simon sound?

65 from simon? this is going towards my bike test guys XD i need as much money as possible XD

plus postage, but i know a guy that can get postage half price, i’ll get quotes now.

4.99 each for postage.

Im happy to go to £125 plus postage :slight_smile: I’ll put the money in my account at the weekend?

good to use paypal ali?
my email is
email me on the same address when youv’e put 130 in?
and i’ll need to know where you want UPS to leave it if no-one is in.
don’t pay for anything until simon has confirmed anything dude :slight_smile:

I’ll stick it in over the weekend at some point, i may need to lend some money from somewhere but it’s all good
I’ll add your msn and tell you whenever? :slight_smile:

i don’t use msn, but i check my emails religously, so drop me a line through that :slight_smile:

just realised on facebook that simon’s gone out riding XD

simons not too interested in the frame, but i’ll see if i can find someone! :smiley:
i badly want that wheel. Add me on facebook and we’ll use the stupid facebook chat? it’ll be quicker! :slight_smile:

email address?

added you. :slight_smile: