people with kh/onza hub and cranks

hey does ur hub make noises?? cuz i just got mine and it is starting to make more and more noise. so i was wondering if it is normal.

its probly just the spokes rubbing together…go to your lbs and get them tightened. or do it yourself.

mine has a bit of hub/crank noise. it’s fine. it its really bad lube it and that should fix it.

Can you lift it off the ground, spin the wheel, and here a click on each revolution? (lift it off the ground as in pick it up and hold it out in front of you vs hopping… gotta be specific sometimes.) :roll_eyes:

Yeha i have two sets, theyre both silent, it may well be spoke rubbing, pedal or main bearings. Check the cranks are tight and maybe try greasing the splines if nothign else seems ot be the problem.