People who wear Crocs for street

Man I love these shoes. They’re so great for street, grippy enough to hold onto pedals, slick enough to allow easy release of pedals.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who wears these for street?:stuck_out_tongue:

My brother sometimes use them for trials :slight_smile:


They have no support at all whatsoever.

Haha! I surely wouldn’t ride street with Crocs! Maybe just rolling but not hopping or anything else!
…I never tried crocs, are they really super comfy?

honestly it’s a BAD IDEA!!

I wear crocs lots.

I had a run and UPD , l tried to hit the ground running.
I hit the ground toe down, and felt my big toe go under my foot.
It bruised 2 big black rings around each joint.I possibly fractured the joints.
I should have took pictures.

I did it last month and it still hurts some today.
When I tried to buy shoes last week and my toe is still somewhat swollen that it hurt to put new shoes on.
which is sad cause I wanted to get new shoes to uni in.

I wear my orange crocs everywhere besides unicycling (and running). Well I did ride my 36’er up the block in them before I put it in the car for naucc:D.

I think it’s kind of like skating barefoot. This could be a way to tell the burlyman riders from mere mortals. You could be the Tony Alva of Street.

CROCS RULES :smiley: I go to school with them… Once I tryied some flat but screwed my ankle :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, how much do you guys pays for a Crocs (original crocs brand, no copies)…!? The classic model?

Here it’s a bit expensive for a piece of foam… 40US :frowning:

I broke the straps off of my crocs unicycling with them on.

I did the same thing bicycling with crocs on. Crocs are great for bicycle touring though to wear when you get to a campsite because they are so lightweight.

I know someone who wears them to play hockey with. Tried them for tricks and I agree with rodbotic - BAD IDEA. When the little holes get trapped on your pedal pins, it’s almost as fun as riding with clipless pedals.

The inventor of them must be so rich lol. But seriously besides jandles they have got to be the worst footwear for street ever. And they look terrible lol. I don’t find them comfortable either.

"People who wear Crocs for street " Deserve to be shot.

Crocs for unicycling? :roll_eyes:

I made my dog eat my crocs. :slight_smile:

Although comfy, I think Crocs are too wide for unicycling…

And Crocs (the company) have gone bust! Because crocs last so long people would only buy one pair and didn’t need more…

Idk about the inventor, but The company is going bankrupt.

My god I hate crocs. I like skate shoes the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s surprising. They made a 180M profit in 2007 which is unsuprising lol. I wonder how they screwed up so bad they’re in financial trouble now. Maybe people have finally realised how stupid they are lol.

I wear them sometimes on my uni, but they stick to the pins on my aluminium pedals so you can’t adjust your foot positioning. :astonished:

They grew too fast to deal with the fad, then the economy went to crap and people stopped buying them. Ouch!

I think the original guys who actually started the company sold it pretty early on.

I could not imagine riding my uni with those shoes.