And friend of me and i were jumping over 2 pupil(we asked them before and they agreed) during a show on wednesday and thursday.Nothing happend to them but since then many people discuss if it’s good or not, cause if you do a mistake then you could hurt them.
I’ve also seen some good riders like yoggi jumping over people.

Now i want to ask you what you think about that.

We are also hopping over each other and other people in our shows.
I think there’s nothing wrong with it, specially not when you know you will make it without any problems…

Just make sure your insurance will cover you when you don’t make it.

Now this guy know’s where he’s talking about.:smiley:
That’s GREAT advice.

Peter M

I don’t think you should do it unless you are absolutly sure you’ll make it every time. I’ve jumped over my brother in some parades, and another show we did once. I clear him easily by several feet.

at tcuc stuff we always do this but theres a rule that you can only do waiste down, no torsoe stuff, jon has done like 4 peeps