People staying in Langenthal hotels for Unicon XIII?

Has anybody booked any hotel rooms for Unicon yet? We’re looking for more hotel information, and other hotels people have found that they like. It would probably help with logistics if we could stay at common hotels, and Jacquie and I are looking to make our hotel booking pretty soon.

We’re looking at July 22-Aug. 3. Your dates may be a little different. Unicon hotel information can be found here:

Any ideas? Also if you’re looking for hotel rooms for Unicon chime in here. With a group, we may be able to negotiate a discounted rate.

I’ll be looking for a twin room…

FYI: I asked a similar question on the ‘accommodation’ forum (or something to that effect) on the Unicon XIII website. Franz (their webmaster) replied saying that all the accommodation options listed on the UNICON site can only be booked through them. Booking will be possible starting by about mid February. There may be other hotels in the area that they haven’t listed and that can be booked already, but I haven’t checked that.

I’ll be going with a buddy and we’re planning to book a twin room.

What are the average prices for a 2 or 4 person room??
I’m thinking of going the cheap dormatories as of right now…


It’s looking like the dormatories for me now. Hope noone snores.

Take ear plugs- then you can still sleep even if the person in the top bunk does snore. I take ear plugs to all weekend uni events ( in fact any where I’m sleeping away from home) It means I get to go to sleep when I want and wake up at a sensible time.

Now that’s a pretty good idea!! Thanks.
My idea was to just have a few beers so that you can pass out easily!
I’ll probably end up doing a little bit of both (earplugs and drinking)!

I snore so loudly (like a bear) that I am probably going to sleep in another town :smiley: