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What can you do on a 20" that you can’t on your 24x3? I’m working on picking up the skills I could do on my United/Monty that I can’t do on my 24x3 Fireball. I’ll do a crank grab but am finding it so damn hard to get to rubber because of the increase in jumping height I must have to get to the same spot.

I can ride one-footed on my 20" but not my 24x3. This is because I don’t have enough clearance above the tyre and I can’t help scraping my shoes on the wheel (not lightly either). I can idel one-footed but really awkwardly with only my heel touching the crown and the toes pointing out a lot.


move your foot back on your crown. your foot won’t rub if placed correctly.

what do i do?

I have tried many times to put my foot on the crown of my bedford but the frame is to big and i can’t get my foot on thier.
Any siggestions.

( And i do everything on my 24 ":smiley: )


I think its a 26 inch frame.

I can ride fine with my 24x3 on a 26" frame. It takes a bit of time getting your foot WAY up there on the crown, but it’s definately possible.
The main trouble I’m having is with jumps, gaps, drops, etc… learning to adjust to the bigger wheel. In some cases it helps you out (ex. drops), and in others it screws you (ex. pedal grab to rubber). I think I need to improve my technique in these areas before I complain about difficulty.

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i do it fine on my 28" frame (with a 26" wheel)

try putting skateboard tape on the crown, it really helps!


The top of the wheel and the crown on a 20" are further away from your waist than on a 24" so one-foot and wheel-walk are naturally easier in that sense. As for hopping, grabbing, gapping, the distance from the axle to the bottom of the tire is smaller for the 20" which makes the transition you mention easier. The 24x3 is also a very heavy tire and, in the crank or pedal to rubber transition, you don’t get the benefit of bouncing on the cushy tire. You have to lift all of the extra weight the extra 2 or 3 inches.

im still adjusting to my new 24" and coming from a KH20 im having to make those adjustments that Accord just mentioned and Harper described.

i can pretty much get rubber 8 out of 10 times now but the extra yank for a couple more inches took me about a week to figure out.the weight penalty of a bigger unicycle definatly makes it more tiring.its only like 5 more pounds but after hopping around for an hour its a big differance.

ultimatly,im having more fun.the 20 was so slow that it didnt suit me speed wise and there are 3 other uni riders in Salem,they all have 24’s.if you cant beat them,join them.

180 pedal grab to pedal grab would be a bit harder- not that I could -but Jacinto could just manage with his Montey… seems like it would be a real pain to try on a 26 ish wheel, since the wheel would have to deflect out so much further…


Pedal Grabbing on a 24X3 is definatly do-able, it just takes expert timing and a bit more pull. As far as gapping and dropping goes, i think the monty definatly is easier, but not much. I find the best thing it does is smooth out your riding style because you have to ride more laboured on the big wheel. But it’s all what you’re used to. for hopping the monty probably gives you 4 inches, gapping… maybe a foot, but it’s faster too. The question is… how big do you want to go??

hehe hope that helps


There’s no limit to how big I would like to go. I’ll go as big as my body will allow. I want to basically be able to do everything that Ben can do in all those crazy ass videos.

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work on pedal grabs on the 24". I can barely get up to rubber from a crank grab
on my 24.


I pedal grab fine on a 24x3. I grab with just the pedal and not the crank. This way, you swing the uni upwards, jump a little, and then level out your cranks and land it. It takes a bit to get the timing right and the hardest thing for me was getting the cranks level before landing. Once you get the feel for it, it’s pretty easy. Forgot to mention that I pedal grab seat out front.



If you d’ont intend on ever using your 24x3 for trials, i’d still suggest to learn how to pedal grab on it. This way when you switch back to your monty, it’ll be much easier and predictable to do your pedal grabs.