People Love us!

This morning on my Commute I was riding on the snowy sidewalk and a S.U.V. pulled up with the window down, A kid leaned out and snap a photo on his Cell Phone and drove off… Just thought I’d share.

We rode last night at the Alamo, in San Antonio, and a couple of people stopped us and wanted us to pose for pics. What I found to be funny was that the didnt want to be in the pics, just us. Remember, Unicycling is like a virus… spreading one person at a time.

That happens quite often when we’re out riding. Last week, I was cycling home from university, and was leaning on a pole waiting for the traffic lights to change. I looked round and there was some girl taking a foto of me on her fone. As soon as she saw that I saw her she ran off giggling. She was in her 20’s.

Simple things entertain simple minds, eh? I wasn’t even moving!

Still, it is kinda cool.


never had any pictures taken of me by random people and ive been riding well over a year.


I was riding last year in downtown Memphis with another member of the Memphis Unicycle Club. An out-of-town family stopped us to talk. They put their two kids in front of us and took our picture.

I had 4 cars pull over to watch me pass by them while riding yesterday.
One guy walking with his girl gave me the weirdest look.
The only thing I can think of that would put a look like that on someones face, is that he thought I was a freak. :smiley:
(But, his girl had a very nice smile :slight_smile: )

I get photo’s taken of me occationally, but not all of them are on the Uni.

Last week a guy with a European accent drove by with his window down so he could yell …

“Your a jam … !”

I need a translation, but I think he wasn’t being mean.

I really get to much attention in the city :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a guy stop me on my way home from work (at midnight! :astonished: ) that asked about Marvin (my Coker) and took a picture.

love me!!!

i always get people saying stuff and taking photos the other day me and some guys were juggling at the pier in southend and a girl took our photo while her other friend posed wit us? wierd!