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Good day. I noticed somewhere on this site someone talking about a unicycle meet in Manchester, if anyone could perhaps tell me a little more I would be much obliged, as I’m the only unicyclist in my village…(another bacardi and coke please myfanwy). Well not really but our local juggling club has shut down and the only other unicyclists there all seemed to be 8 year old girls who took great pleasure in riding up and down the sports hall holding hands and knocking over as many people as possible. So you can understand my wish to ride with people enlightened in the ways of trials and/or muni. Not that I’ve really done a great deal of muni although I’m pretty frickin keen to start doing some. Anyway I am a poor, sad and lonely unibiker with nothing but strange looks from “normal” folk to keep me company when I ride. I live in Macclesfield in Cheshire, so if anyone in t’area fancies meeting up and having a wee ride about then that would be good and groovy.
Yours in solitude,
Mr Kit Johnson esq

Have a look here:


The unimeets are a good place to meet like minded people. Welcome to the fold

cheers matey

cheers matey, this whole forum malarkey seems a cool way of finding stuff out and chatting to other unibikers. I’ve never used a forum, unicycling or otherwise until today, but I think I’m a convert already. tattie bye

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Wow, has the Macc club really closed down? Must have been recently. Or
was there more than one club in Macclesfield?
Unicycling in Denton: see the Duc for a completely unicycle based club,
address as mentioned in another of your replies to this post. They have some
trials gear and quite a large hall. Chance of uni hockey.
Or on the same night, sadly, is BZercus (Tuesdays) in Stockport, but this
is less of a specialist unicycle group, and unicyclists are rapidly
dwindling in numbers there. No trials gear there, although there a couple of
lunis who would probably give you a go at gladiators


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Other what?:smiley:

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Other what?:smiley:

I’ll refer you to the little gem of wisdom you put at the bottom of your messages in answer to that question. ;). I think the term unibike is a fine and just, if slightly contorted use of the english language. Anyway, enough grammatical tomfoolery. Farewell, and happy unibiking.:stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, your not the only sad and lonely unibiker out there, although I was sad and lonely before I took up unibiking. Still theres nothing like being at one with yourself on one wheel…

On that note I’ve just got the urge to go off and write some unicycle based poetry…