People Connection Forum.


So I just wanted to see what you all thought about getting a people connection forum started. Something where people could posts threads like “Connecticut riders” or “SoCal AREA”,looking for fellow riders in there part of the world without it ending up on page 60. It could also hold the threads containing info on upcoming events in that area. This would allow the riders in a certin place to keep track of their uni friends and stay up to date with the next event without having the thread to be bumped.

With more and more newbies coming looking for people to rider with in there area, it seams to me, this would be a helpfull fourm.

Something like this also helps… say when one of us is taking a trip somewhere and of course is bringing a uni along(cant leave home without it). We could find people that might be willing to lend a couch for night, and take us on a ride through their local trails or favorite street spot.
I feel like this topic is derseving of its own forum. It would be nice to not have to sift through the RSU for this kind of info.

So what is your opinions, thoughts, ideas?

Thats an awesome idea, I’m always looking for new people to ride with. I just found out about the map today but you can definetly tell not everyones registered on that. I’m not really computer sabby so I’m not really sure how you could make it work, but good luck.

That’s a great idea! I just moved down to Texas and now I have no one to unicycle with! That would help a lot!

yea def a good idea. CHICAGO UNICYCLER’S UNITE!!!

I’ pretty sure someone posted a thread of this idea. Seems a lot of people thought posting threads in RSU or e-mailing directly was good enough/better.

Me, personally am in favor of the idea of it having its own forum. A downside though would likely meen more people on hear at the same time, causing more potential shut down problems like has happened a few times lately.

It would be a good idea presuming new users were educated enough to know it exists and use it rather than RSU. It seems most of those type of threads are started by recent joiners, rather than established forum members who are moving house and would know about this sub-forum.

This was talked about in another thread. It’s a great idea.

ooo hey i didnt know you were on this forum… I saw your videos on youtube and they are awesome! :smiley:

ps. sorry it’s kinda off subject… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys,
So far everyone has been pretty much on board.

And yea I thought I had saw something fimiliar in the past, and was not sure what the hold up is. I would think anything to keep the RSU a little less cluttered would be good.
As for new users (not)being educated enough. Well I dont think it would be hard for them to find and understand. It would be right there on the main forum page. I think that would be easeir than having the newbies just try and guess where to post.

I was on a lampworkers forum and the people connect became an outstanding, and much used resource for linking people up. As the uni community grows I think something along these lines will be much needed, 'specialy as the RSU gets much more busy and much more messy.

Tho I would love to hear some opinions of those who think RSU is fine for the job. I just cant see why we would not have a people connection sub-forum.

Use the map…

I think that it’s a good idea, worth trying. Since already has the map, anyone looking for fellow riders should add themselves and make it that much easier to find other riders.


i agree that we should have this sub-fourm. To solve the problem with newbies just put a sticky in RSU

Where in texas do are you at? I live near dallas so If your close hit me up and we can try and go unicycle or something.

I’ve seen it put to good use on other forums. It especially useful for travelers.

yeh i think thats a really good idea.

i live in Australia and i cant find any one to unicycle with.


Where abouts in Oz??? :smiley:

yeah i rekon its a great idea…while on the subject I think all of the forums should have a STICKY saying something along the lines of “Before posting any new topics, use the SEARCH BUTTON and if this shows nothing then go ahead”

because I know this would have answered alot of my questions when I was learning.

I don’t think it makes sense.

Everyone reads the main forum on here. Only a few people read the other sub forums. Right now, 80 people are reading RSU, 45 Just Conversation, less than 10 in any of the other English language forums.

The only people who would read the ‘people finding’ forum would be people who were actively looking to find someone in a place. It’d be full of ‘anyone in x’ posts, but no replies, unless two people randomly turned up at exactly the same time, looking for people in a particular place.

If someone posts up on RSU, any riders in ‘x’, any unicyclist in x can see it and post back, whereas if they post it in some sub-forum that no-one reads, then no-one will know about it.

The exact people you’d want to get in touch with, who already have a bunch of mates to ride with in a city, and are riding actively, are exactly the sort of people who wouldn’t bother reading a people connection forum.


good idea
it wont help me out though as i think ive found all the unicyclists in Newcastle
all of them from my school :smiley: and this one lady who saw me riding and commented on how she wished she could still ride…

I think the fact that there are so few viewers in the other sub forums is due to less content in those sub forums. I think alot of us check the traiding post quite often, tho it doenst take long to check, as there isnt two pages pages of new threads. If we had to sort through the RSU for that it would take much longer. Its not that people dont read the other subforums, they just check it pretty quick and effeciently. In a people connect sub forum a thread started by someone in place X may not get any replies for a while but the thread would stay findable till one day someone from there saw it. In the RSU threads like that may just disapear to page 20 and be gone for good.

I’d expect a lot of viewers are like me, and just have a direct link to RSU in their favourites. I haven’t actually looked at the other forums for months (haven’t actually ever looked in half of them). It’s okay for things like videos, where anyone with interest will post in there, but when you’re looking for people, you’re not looking just for people who are specifically also looking out for people to ride with, you’re just looking for anyone to ride with.

For what it’s worth, I’ve recently been to about 10 places in various countries round the world and ridden with riders in each, most of them I found by posting up here on RSU with no problems. Yeah you might need to bump the thread once or twice before someone notices, or pay attention so that you’re posting the thread when people in that country are awake, but it really doesn’t seem that hard to me?

Plus, it’s worth remembering that RSU is also available on google groups, as a mailing list, and as an internet newsgroup, so has the potential to reach a wider audience than just the people on this site.