people are crazy

i was at the park just riding around and i sat it down and i turned around to get a drink i had some one pick it up and try to ride it and fall. has this ever happened to anyone else but me?

I only had two people ask. Once on my 24" and once on the 29". They each said they learned to ride long ago. I let them try and they both could ride somewhat. I hope they picked it up again.

I never had anyone just grab it and try. That would make me pretty upset.

I was also walking with my 98lb German sheperd so that segued them from going far

I have some people try my uni on some events, but currently I’m having 29" so it’s too big for most of the people to try.

But anyway from time to time I hear a comment on the street meaning to be funny: “May I try?” or “I would ride it!”
Then, if I’m not in a hurry, I stop and hand my uni to the person. In most cases they chicken out, but some of them tried.

My 36er is my main mode of transportation so when someone asks if they can try it I ask them if I can drive their car. Haven’t had a yes yet.


p.s. Nobody rides my wheel but me. Not even my wife. Even though she has her own.

Lots of people say to me that they learnt to ride a long time ago. I always offer them a go and they always decline my offer.:stuck_out_tongue:

Is it because they can’t ride or because i’m riding next to the canal.:smiley:

You had two girls chasing you around and you wouldn’t let them try it? We need to have a talk about your priorities.

Females = good and female unicyclist = more gooder

Nope no one ever came close to grabbing my uni, but I let anyone try who wants to. Like was said above unless I’m on my 29". But then I offer to meet them another day and bring my 20" for them.

Off the top of my head I could count at least 15 people who wanted to try and ride my uni. I go to sports carnivals so there is heaps of people there :slight_smile:

I always let people try out the uni if they like - it doesn’t really bother me that it’s expensive or whatever, I’m sure somebody falling off it a few times won’t cause anywhere near as much damage as some of the crazy stuff I attempt (and fail).

I’d be pretty offended if someone just came up and grabbed it though. You shouldn’t just help yourself to other people’s stuff without asking! :angry:

they face planted after trying. i also teach people how to ride

I’ve had hundreds of people wanting to give it a go. On a small wheel, like my 20", people seem more willing to try, so when I was using that for commuting to uni (I had only just learnt on it and couldn’t afford another) I had a lot of people wanting to try it. Any time I took it to the park, or any events, people would give it a go. The only places I found people would just grab it and try it without asking were at circus skill (Fever) sessions, or places where there is a general “just try it” theme (BUC or with a bunch of other stuff that looks like “just pick it up and try it” stuff).

Same as everyone else it seems, I’ve had people ask to try but no one thank goodness has ever just grabbed it and tried. The people who do try really don’t listen to any positive suggestions to their attempt either, they just think they will jump on and ride and keep trying that way even though I try to tell them differently.

I would punch a person in the face if I didn’t know them and they took my uni without asking.

it pissed me off but people want to see

I love it when people ask to ride the unicycle cause most the time they will either squash their nuts or bust their shins on the pedals. Ive also had people totally eat it to. I really get a good laugh out of it (does that make me a bad person :thinking: ) and they will never hurt my unicycle to:D

i’ve actually had some friends who can go about 5-10 feet on first try. I’ve also had people who just slam down on the pedal and have spikes going into their shin at 30mph.

I had a cousin today squish his nuts bust shin fall on face and get hit on back of head. Then I got slapped by my other friend for letting him dothat she was mad but ironically sh laughed at him to

I ride at the skatepark a lot, and all the good bmxers can ride indefinitely and turn within five minutes. They’re all really nice about asking to borrow my unicycle though, the annoying ones are the little kids that borrow it for so long I have to ask for it back.

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i agree miles