Pennyfarthing from Semcycle?

Semcycle has a smallish (43") pennyfarthing bicycle in their catalog. Does
anyone have any knowledge of or experience with this item? The catalog that I
have is from Jan. 2001. The thing may not even be available at present. I
haven’t contacted Sem for more info yet.

Their site is of course:

Catalog is a .pdf document. For convenience I have clipped an image here:

Price is listed at $1000 (a bit more than a Rideable Bicycle Replica). It
appears to have a rear wheel brake. I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive
step up from my Coker Wheelman. I’m not concerned too much about historical
accuracy or authenticity; I’m just curious about quality, durability, where
it’s from, etc.

To keep this post sort of on topic, also in the catalog on the same page (3) is
a unicycle apparently built with a similar wheel in at least two sizes. This
would give a larger wheel even than the Coker, but with a narrow, solid rubber
tire. Not a machine for the easily bruised I would imagine.


  • Joe