Penny Farthing to Unicycle Photo

Hi all,

I’m looking for an image I saw years ago that I want to use for a class in grad school and just can’t find it.

In my memory (though faint), there was a group of people riding penny farthings, and at the front there was one who had taken off the back wheel and assembly and holding it above his head in a triumphant fashion. The title may have been the Origin of the Unicycle and it was possibly on a T-Shirt.

Any thoughts?


I know what you mean and remember having seen something similair too. First I thougt it must have been in Arne Tilgens thesis ‘history of unicycling’ but i couldn’t find it there.

The drawing on page 35 of the thesis seems to depict a penny-farthing rider riding the single wheel and hiking the rest, though it may not be the one you were
Thinking of.

Eric, that was a good thought! There are a bunch of great and useful photos in there that I can use. I’d still be curious to find the specific one I’m talking about though. It’s good to hear that you remember it too!