Pennsylvania unicyclists

Hi! I was wondering if there’s anybody else on here from Pennsylvania? Actually, I live in North-central Pennsylvania, so I’m very close to the New York border as well. Just curious if there’s anybody on here near me. I’m within a few hours of Erie(PA), Harrisburg (PA), Buffalo (NY), Elmira (NY). Am I all alone? :frowning:

Nikki :smiley:

Hey Nikkifrog… I was going to suggest coming to a Unatics meeting in New York City. You probably could catch a bus (perhaps Mom or Dad would want to come too). We could even arrange to have someone meet you if you’d like. I myself take a three and a half hour bus trip to get to meetings, but from the other direction!

You can contact David Stone for more details…

I live about diagonal from New York City. I’m closer to Lake Erie. I think I’m about 6-7 hours from New York City. A little bit too far, I’d say. :frowning:


Shucks! Well, keep trying… :slight_smile:

Rochester, NY here

I’m in Pittsburgh thats still kinda far though.

Hey there Nikkifrog,

When I started riding I thought that I was all alone too. However, there are several ways to connect with those who can share your passion for unicycling.

There are a lot of closet unicyclists out there. They have left the sport because there was no apparent community. As you may have realized, it is about 10,000 times more fun to ride with others.

Another thing that I did was to start a club. Heck, it started out (just about 6 months ago) with only my daughter and myself. We now have 47 ( ! ) people - of all ages - that ride together. It is crazy how popular this has become here in Memphis.

I will be happy to share with you what I have experienced in getting a unicycle club together. Heck, I hardly know what I’m doing in regards to establishing a club because I’m making it up as I go along. There have been some great success stories about starting a uni club.


Hello Nikkifrog

Hello Mountain girl.
How are you doing with your Mountain bike? Didn’t we have just a great time on October 5th out in Sunbury Pa? This all got me jump started. That was my first meeting with other unicyclists and I have been riding off and on for 30 years. As a result I ordered an air cushion seat. With this comfortable seat I found out that I could ride with one foot. So I’m perfecting my skills. Last night I started teaching my girlfriend’s 13 year old son how to ride for the first time. He got to 7 revolutions of the wheel after about two hours of trying without holding on to anything. So in about a few months I will have my riding partner. Something I never had in 30 years. Keep hopping Nikkifrog. It was a pleasure to meet you on the 5th… Are we going to do it again next year? Later



Yeah, that was fun. I realized that it really is a lot more fun to ride with other people. That’s why I was wondering if there was anybody else near me. Did you get Erin’s email saying she got a giraffe? That’s cool. I hope we do it again next year. That really was a great place for unicycling. I wish I lived near somewhere like that.


Hello Nikkifrog (Mountain Girl)


Yes I got her email about the Gariffe..... So I got myself a Zebra.... Opps... I mean I got myself an ultimate wheel..... This 24 inch wheel with two Pedals.   No seat NOTHING!!  I can't figure out how to ride the darn thing!!  I think it is impossible to ride.  I wonder if anyone really can ride it????!!  So have you been meeting all kinds of friends so far?  This is alot of fun.  Take care.


You got an ultimate wheel? That’s cool. I’ve never tried one, and I probably couldn’t ride one. But there are people who can. I think somewhere on there’s some pictures of people riding an ultimate wheel. Yeah, this is a great forum because I never have a chance to meet anybody else who unicycles in person. (Besides that one time) :slight_smile:


Thanks Nikki


Thanks,  I'll check out soon as I finish this note.  Hey did you check out what I wrote in Gilby's guess book about Erin's event?  If I know you, yes you did!!  Keep riding girl.   it only gets better as we get better.   Good Day


Yeah, I read it. :slight_smile: It was long, but I managed to get through it. :smiley: No, I’m just kidding. Yeah, I have noticed that I love unicycling more and more as I get better and better. For Christmas hopefully I’m getting a freestyle unicycle. I was trying to one-foot idle today. Not easy on a Muni that has a rounded crown when your shoes are wet. :slight_smile: I’ll still muni, though, of course. I’m really sad that winter’s approaching so quickly. Although I am looking forward to trying out Muni in the snow.


P.S. How’s the Ultimate Wheel coming? :smiley:

Paul, I found some Ultimate Wheel links:
(scroll down a little)
Some tips and stuff

A guy with lots of Ultimate Wheels

Hope that’s helpful!


Hey Ultimate Girl


Thanks for those sites..... I just spent the last few hours reading everything I could at  WOW.... what information.  In between I tried my ultimate wheel.  Holding on to anything I can, all I get is about one revolution of the wheel.  I still don't understand how anyone can ride such a thing..... I'm going to keep at it till people don't understand how I ride it!!  

You know after checking out that Muniac site you told me about, I’m ready to get me one of those Muni’s. I can’t wait to get out in the woods to try it out… I just can’t believe all the jumps and stuff people are doing… And here I thought I was good. They put me to shame.
Gee, I hope Santa is going to be good to you. I remember years back when I rode my Schwinn up at college during the winter. There was this one wheel track in the snow all over campus. Then I left my Butt imprint on the other side of an icy hill as I unsuspectedly came upon the icy hill. I wonder if a muni would have done better on that hill? Later my friend.


soon the Ultimate Guy


Well, thanks to you for the sites you sent me, I was able to check out all the ultimate riders and read their advice and stuff.  Now this morning I am able to push a trash bin around my machine shop from behind while on the ultimate wheel.   I had the oportunity to make about 30 revolutions pushing the bin before having to stop.  Thanks again Nikki...... I'm on my way.

Good Day


Nikkifrog and Unipaul, if you are ever around philly, drop by. You can try out my UW or BC wheel, or my giraffe. I’d love to ride my unicycle with someonelse for once.

Hey, I’m another Phillly unicyclist (West Philly to be exact) and I’ve got a few friends who unicycle too. Feel free to drop by Clark Park (46th and Chester) on any random day, preferably a weekend, and you may actually see one or more of us (no guarantees, though). It’d be great to see someone else on a unicycle out here.

Re: Pennsylvania unicyclists


I’m running a unicycle club in Lancaster, PA reply for details.

David Ramos

Hey, Miss frog. I used to live in Erie, but that was about 10 years before I learned to uni. I live in eastern Pa, now (down by the peep factory). Anthony Shave sometimes rides trails with me. There aren’t so many other unicyclists around here.