Pennsylvania unicyclists

Hey everyone! I know this is my fifth thread asking around for Pennsylvania unicyclists, but I really want to get a weekly/monthly group ride started. I live just outside Philadelphia. Please, even if you live in New Jersey, Delaware, etc, post so we can get connections going.

Thanks a ton,
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If your area is anything like mine (Altoona)…you better get used to riding alone.

I live on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore, so northern Delaware isn’t out of the question.

Wyncote. 10 minutes away from you, Peter. :slight_smile:

In this weather, I’m riding about once a week - the mile to SEPTA at Jenkintown, a mile from 30th street to my office, and the return trip. I won’t be doing much more until spring - cold and I don’t get along very well.

– UniT

I live in southern nj. But I’m not great

Hey Peter.

I live near swedesboro nj. I just have a 20 in uni still learning. And have been talking to davey. Would love to ride. On Saturdays. When it warms up

I really want to have a meetup at some point in time! Pennsylvania does not have that many unicyclists and I think it’s important for everyone to get to know each other. :smiley:

Hay Peter do you know about the Loyd hall group that meets every Monday from 8 - 10. It is the philly juggling club but there are uni’s there as well.

In about 3 weeks i start a new job and will be out in KOP much more so will be able to hopefully ride a bunch more as well.

But if wanted to do something like meet up on a Sunday around lunch time at the art museum in philly we could do a couple of rides around there. Or the other option would be the car park at the bottom of the hill in Manyank. (The movie theater there) Thinking for those that need to spend some time on flat ground it would be better and then anyone that wants to go up the trail could do it.


I like your thinking Davey!

Man, I grew up about 15 miles north of Philly, my family moved after I graduated high school, sadly did not even consider learning to unicycle back then.
But now I’ve been living more north to northeastern area of PA, during the school semester near Erie.

Unipsych0 lives up by Erie.

We’re about 1 1/2 hours away from Erie. You’re always welcome to join us.

I live just outside of Philly myself. What kind of rides are you looking for- muni or road? I’ve heard about the Philadelphia Juggling Club that meets in an auditorium where you can bring your wheel and ride- guess that would probably be more 20-24" riding. I heard about this at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts which teaches unicycling and I recommend it for both kids and adults.

Hey pstrick!

I live in Willow Grove, right outside Philadelphia. I personally ride MUni. I ride in Fairmount Park all the time on the weekends, and the weekdays when school is not in session.

How about you? What kind of riding do you do?


Hay Peter and everyone else.

How about Sunday 11 am at Loyd Hall in Philly. For those that want / need we can do a gentle ride around there or learning in the car park. (There is an area blocked off)

For those that want to practice trials riding there are plenty of rocks / steps etc…

I will bring a 20, 29 and 36 if anyone wants to try.


Dag nabbit, I have to be in Moorestown around noon. But I’ll stop by on the early side for a quick ride - particularly to check out your 36er (this may not be a good decision for my wallet)

– UniT

This is sounding like a 2013 Philadelphia Unicycle Club…AND I LIKE IT!!!

Davey, I’ll have to see what happens tomorrow. I may or may not be able to make it due to exams this week.

However, if anyone’s interested, I am going for a MUni ride over at Valley Green, starting at the Forbidden Drive Entrance, this afternoon. Maybe we can arrange a time to maybe meet up. However, I know Davey can’t come.

Hey, glad to hear you’re finding others to ride with, I’m close to Harrisburg so a little too far for me. I’d love to find others to ride with as well. Anyone out in central pa feel free to pm me

Hi PeterH and Davey- Can’t do it this weekend- but definitely will look to do something in the future. I’m a noob and so far ride roads only (did my longest ride yet today though- 10 miles). I am very interested in trying out Muni, although I only have wrist guards right now and figure I should get some knee/shin guards for this! Do you go on the Wissahickon trail?

Also, I’m guessing that Peter knows about this but for those who don’t there is the Philadelphia Unicycle Club page on facebook:

I have been lax on checking this FB page but could be useful.

Another random thought- every year before the TD International bike race in Manayunk there is a folding bike race up “the wall.” I wonder if there have ever been any unicyclists in this, and if we could join in? I also wonder if I can ride up it yet!

Hey pstrick!

I am really motivated to get all of us together! By the way, if you could pm me your facebook name, I’ll add you so contacting each other will be easier. Same to you Davey if you have one.

In response to your question, I do ride at the “Wissahickon Trail.” It’s really called Valley Green, but all the mountain bikers call it that!

I think that if you are able to ride 10 miles, MUni is something that will become a thrill for you. You’ll never go back once you’ve hit the trails and terrain!


Just wanted to inform anybody who is interested. I am going for a MUni ride at Valley Green tomorrow morning at 9am. I start at the Forbidden Drive entrance. It would be awesome to get a Sunday morning ride started!

First a Huge sorry if anyone made it to the arts center.

I just got back from a ride with Pete and by the time my wife managed to get me picked up (Accident on 76) it was after 11:30 by the time we would have made it.

So sorry again for anyone that managed to make it but next time i will bring a bunch down. (Myself included)

But Peter and i had a great ride today. If anyone thinks that Muni is to hard then they need to come with us. You need to be able to ride about 3 - 4 miles. (Fremount is not needed but makes it better)

There are a bunch of places that we had to walk and plenty of nice trails.

Peter managed a great drop today about 2 - 3 feet and a narrow place. So well done.

Come on out and join us.