Valley Forge is nice. I’ve ridden the main 6 mile loop before. it’s got a lot of rolling hills which are fun. That trail connects to the Schuylkill River and Perkiomen Trail too. I know they have other off-road trails but I’ve yet to explore. I’m definitely up for a Valley Forge coker ride.

Fairmount park is good too. That’s closer to West Philly, near the Zoo. There’s also a really nice Disc Golf course there. I’ve always wanted to play a round of uni disc golf, just bring a little uni as my golf cart going from hole to hole. :slight_smile:

I will be riding a little trails and street with my little cousin in Manayunk tomorrow (Saturday 3/14). Hit me up if you want to join in.

I’m in Delaware County … I do the 5 mile loop in Ridley Creek Park from time to time and would be interested in some Philly area rides

Finally another Delco rider! I’ve ridden that loop before, on a 20"! I’d love to ride it on a 36er. I’m definitely up for a Ridley Creek ride. Let me know next time you go.

Hey guys I still live in University City literally 2 blocks from Baltimore avenue (I think it’s you GF because I ride Balitmore all the time). I’m down to ride pretty much any time I’m free. My problem is I work so much it’s hard for me to plan a ride during the week and even harder to check the forums. So if you live near me and want to ride, just shoot me a PM and we’ll exchange numbers. I used to live in SWP and Folcroft, Delco so I could surely find any of you.

As for riding in Center City: Don’t do it at 5:30pm. I have ridden down there and back around that time (only when I had to) but I definitely wouldn’t make a habit of it, and wouldn’t go down there to run errands. It doesn’t get much better than Chestnut/Walnut but that doesn’t get truly sketchy until 20th Street. Aside from Center City, it’s pretty easy and safe to get around on a coker.

This weekend looks like it’s going to be perfect riding weather. Anyone want to ride around Ridley Creek in Media on Saturday 3/21? The basic 5 mile loop is pretty fun, fairly easy with just one good climb. I’ll be on a 36er, but it’s a fine loop for any wheelsize. Who’s in? say 3:00PM? PM me and I’ll give you my cell.

Its my birthday weekend or i would be there. Next time for sure

I already made plans with a friend for attending the nyc unicycle club tomorrow or else I would be there,

perhaps I will make a group for south jersey/philly unicyclist so we can do stuff more often!

Well the first Philly group coker ride of the year was a success. My Honda Fit had plenty of room for 3 cokers + 3 riders. The paved loop at Ridley Creek is nice, quick and easy, except for the one long steep climb at the beginning. We would have done 2 laps if that hill hadn’t burned us out already. We spotted several nice trials lines for some future riding.

Philadelphia unicycling is alive and well. I think we should definitely hook up with some of the western PA riders some time. I think it would be cool to ride through lancaster county. I’m looking forward to a lot more rides with a lot more riders.

That’s good to hear.

Maybe some day if I get a coker I’ll join y’all.

hey guys sounds like a really good time, i look forward to riding with you guys in the future,

i created a google group for unicyclists in the philadelphia area so we can plan rides and get togethers more often here is the link to join:

unicyclists in PA

Hey everone

I’m looking for serious unicyclists in Pennsylvania…

I’m shooting a documentary film on unicycling and if you’re a serious rider and would like to get in on my film, please let me know.

I will definitely be making a stop in Philadelphia but if you’re in another area, let me know.

Also, are there any unicycle CLUBS or groups in PA? Let me know! I’m shooting this summer/fall (2009)…PM me if you want

I see this tread is from a bit ago but I thought I’d add that I’m just outside of Philly in NJ. I also working in the city 5 days a week. My scheduele is limited but if you know a week or so in advance about a ride I may be able to make it. I ride a coker and a torker lx 24".

Sounds cool.

I’m no good though.

Been off the uni all summer, since I got my trials bike basically.

I get to Northeast PA a few times a year for family events and always hunt up some muni. Moon lake (links below) has been my favorite destination. There are many (15?) miles of singletrack cut by bikers. The trails seemed new 2 years ago, and get better every year. Now they are adding some elevated rideways on/over rocks and trees in one area. Some sections are pretty technical, a nice mix of hills but no killers, a good 24" ride, maybe ok on a 29". Also nice that there is no hunting here so fall rides are ok.

The LBS had a new regional trail map (free) and recommended the trails at Moosic Mountain (links below). This area was very rocky, sometimes big flat rocks that are fun to ride on but also lots of small ones. This was more technical than Moon Lake. Fun, but very challenging. 24" country for sure. I think we only rode about 1/2 of the 16 miles. Hunting is allowed, but we didn’t see anyone, or any animals. The stunted vegetation makes for some interesting landscape, but maybe poor wildlife habitat.

Francis Slocum State Park is another fun place to ride. Also fairly challenging (lots of rocks in NEPA) with more hills than the other place. This park is open to hunting, and I actually had a shot fired over my head a few thanksgivings ago, so avoid it in the fall.

If anyone else rides Muni in NEPA let me know and maybe we can hook up at a future holiday weekend.

Moon Lake

Moosic Mountain