Hi all,

The weather is starting to get nice and unicyclepa is 2 members strong. Who else is in the phily aria and wants to ride

Please tell me your thread title is a joke…“Pencivania?!”


I’m not usually all uptight about grammar and spelling, but one should be able to spell their state’s name…

fixed thanks.

Your back on the uni? Weren’t you building up a street mtb or trials?

If you go west of Philly for about 2 hours, you will run into Carlisle. That’s where I am.

I think there was already a thread about Pennsylvanian unicyclists.

Why aren’t there more unicyclists around Philly? There are tons of colleges around here. UPenn, Drexel, Widener, Villanova, etc… Come on, every college campus has at least one or two unicyclists.

That said, I’m in Clifton Heights, just west of Philly. The weather has been great the past few days so i managed to get a few miles in on the 36er. It felt great, but I’m definitely out of shape.

Do you have a unicyclepa club or something?

Hey I go to Rowan University, and I have a friend here who unis with me, We are about a 30 minute drive to Rittenhouse…

If we can ever manage to get a group together for a weekend ride count me in!

Is there still a Philadelphia Jugglers Club? They used to have a bunch of uni riders…

My sister went to Rowan. And I’ve ridden in State College. That’s the extent of my contribution to this thread.


Great to see you back in action.


Great to see your back in action!

I’m in school about 20 minutes SW of Philly. My muni’s front handle is broken, so I’ve only been doing trials lately. I’m also way too busy to actually do any major rides. That said, I have run into muni riders in Wissahickon park, as well as at Cycle Fit bike shop on Chester Road. There is another muni rider at my school, as well. I also believe the juggling club has a number of unicyclists, and they meet at the steps of the Art Museum on Fridays around six(?).

So yes, plenty of people out here ride, it’s just the trails (and trials) aren’t that great, they’re hard to get to, and there’s poor organization of the community. A thread every 6 months on isn’t going to fix that. I recommend starting an e-mail list…

I don’t think you can ever stop unicycling

Unicyclepa was something i started almost 2 years ago. At its peak we had 7 members and rode 3-5 times a week. Since everyone has moved away for school the club has dissolved.

I have ridden with them. I was looking for more of a trials/muni/coker grope

Yes. That is the goal of this thread. There have been a few attempts in the past but they died unsuccessfully. There are quite a few riders within a train ride to philly. There is amazing trials down town. We need to come together as a community. It is hard to make a name for unicycling when you ride alone. It is also hard to progress.

I like the idea of an e-mail list. We need to get organized rather than a post every 6 months

what other suggestions do you guys have?

I go down to quarryville every time I get a break from school, so if you guys are ever by there, pm me or something because I just might be down there.

i ride between reading and harrisburg. right now i’m focusing on longer on and offroad 29er rides

Do I sense the brewing of a PUNI weekend?

I’ve actually never cokered in Philly. There are a lot of bike lanes and such. It’s supposed to be one of the more cycle-friendly cities. With all the campuses around, I think there are plenty of urban trials places to get kicked out of. The one S.W.A.T. excursion I joined in on 3 years ago was pretty fun. We got kicked out of 3 or 4 different places before driving out of the city a bit for some Muni. There’s definitely good riding in and around Philly.

For 36" or 29er riding, the Schuylkill River trail is an easy but fun paved path that follows the river and then connects with the Perkiomen Trail which gets a little more interesting. You can take that all the way up to collegeville. I did my RTL qualifier on it. Anyone else ridden it? Riding around the Art Museum can be a blast.

The longest bike lane I know of in philly is Baltimore Ave. through west philly, and it is most definitely not bike friendly. Maybe it’s being passed by LRVs 6" away, the potholes everywhere, the parked cars opening their doors all the time, stoplights everywhere, and double parked cars forcing you to cross rails, or maybe it’s just me. Center city is also pretty awful for bikes. Ever been on Walnut at 5:30PM? Maybe I’m spoiled by the Bay Area, but I can’t think of a single west philly or center city street that I would call “bike friendly”. Maybe Washington Ave, in South Philly, but why would you ride that anyways?

For ye coker tours, come west, loung lads!

Seriously, what streets do you use to bike Center City? I would love to hear, since I’ve yet to find one I really like.

As for trials, I would be happy to hear about some good trials spots in philly. I haven’t seen much of anything at UPenn, Drexel, or in Center City, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

that is my goal. I am not simply trying to see who lives around me and unicycles. I am trying to set up mounthly/weekly group rides

Is anyone familiar with Vally Forge? They have some very nice paved coker trails along with some muni and trials.

UPenn and drexel are the 2 places i have ridden and enjoy. I will be heading down to the city this week or next to scope out some spots. Ill be sure to take photos and report back

valley forge is doable for me, i would enjoy a good day muni and cokering!