Pele Schramm & Tony Torchia - Lost Turkeys

In Memory of the lost Turkeys…

It’s great to see a video of Pele again! Really nice riding by both of you, I loved the fulloutflip into grind and the doubleflip out of pedal grab.

Is it just me, or does this video look a bit french? I’ve been watching it and couldn’t help but notice that it has the same feel as a lot of french videos. I don’t really know what it is :p.

In any case, it feels good to be riding on at least a semiregular basis again. :slight_smile:

Diiiiirty Neeedleezzzz!!! PELE!!! Good to see some more Pele :).

And Tony! Dude! Your improving fast aren’t you?? Good to see. Always remember your little part in Defect and thinking, man this kid is going to be a beast. I think your finally getting on the right path :stuck_out_tongue:

New Pele footage <3

Tony, I’m really impressed, dude. The double out of the crankgrab and the lateflip down the table were unexpected.

Sick! Really good stuff from both of you. Love your style Pele, it’s so unique.