Pegs on a B.C. wheel & giraffe

Quick question: If I get some BMX pegs, will they fit on any bicycle wheel, or is there differnt sizes? Will the same pegs fit on a Torker TX giraffe when I evantaully get one?

Also, how much harder are pegged B.C. wheels?

It depends on the size of the pegs.

I have riden a BC with plates and a Peged BC, I find them just as easy/hard to ride.

Oh and the Peged BC is my avatar.

But doesnt the lack of nuts/plates on the side of your feet make it harder to control? I guess jumping is out of the question…

But pegs will fit on a giraffe to,right?

If you have the right size pegs yes they will fit on the giraffe.

you cant jump/hop on a peged BC.

hmm, But how do I know what size to get? I was just planning on getting cheapies at walmart…

messure the axle size of the giraffe, then get some pegs that size

But I dont have a giraffe yet…:frowning: Hmm…

My Mongoose pegs fit on my giraffe but one side didn’t have enough room to fit all the way on it.

I think its way harder to ride a pegged bc wheel than one with platforms. I tried a pegged bc at evan’s house and when i tried to mount or ride it my feet would just roll off because the pegs spin:( and i think its harder to balance because you only have a little space for your foot, its hard to explain… :thinking:

The main thing was to put them on a giraffe when I get one, but in the mean time have it as a bc wheel untill/if I get platforms.

But it looks like I wont get any just yet.:frowning:

I have a Uniqo (uni/trick bike), which comes with pegs on the front wheel. I tried to put them on my Torker TX, but there wasn’t enough exposed thread to get them on. One side I was able to get on a little, but I wasn’t going to try to stand on it. I think it would be a great help to freemount.

hi this is me bubba…i can ride a unicycle

how do u go up a curb

All axles are not created equal. Make sure you buy pegs to fit your axle. Bring it with you.

Regular BMX pegs on a BC wheel are not what you want. As someone mentioned above, they will rotate because there’s nothing to keep them from doing so. Your feet will roll right off.

My old BC had moped pegs. These screwed onto the axle and the peg part was about 1.5" below the axle. They worked fine. You don’t need a nut to hook your feet under, but that makes your footing much more secure.

As also mentioned above, pegs on a giraffe must have enough thread in them to be sturdy. If they only go a few times around, you shouldn’t stand on them. I have always worried about the threads on my Schwinn Giraffe axle, but they have held up for many years at this point.

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You did a good job of explaining it. I dont find how anyone wouldnt understand the physics(sp?) of it I thought the same thing when I read Forests post.

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>how do u go up a curb


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