pegged bc?

So I built myself a pegged bc wheel and I tried to ride it around my room a little and I was wondering how much harder it is to ride a pegged bc compared to a normal one and if anyone had any tips?

Try the search button. This has been mention quite a bit before I think…

  1. Pegs are a hell of alot harder to learn on than plates.
  2. It’s easier to ride a BC going moderately fast, so go to somewhere with a very slight hill and use something to push off of a few times to get the hang of riding, then learn to mount, your room wont cut it…

dont search, if you want to learn to ride a bc wheel, get one, cause pegs are impossible.
thats all you need to know

Pegs make it more challenging, whoo impossible wheels, much better than Bc’s :stuck_out_tongue:


pegged whhels go like this riding maybe ten feet then slip plated bc wheels go like this ride 10 feet then keep riding then slip off

My BC had pegs for almost 20 years before Zack Baldwin made me some upgrades. These weren’t BMX axle pegs (a rotating waste of time), they were originally a pair of moped foot pegs. They hung a couple of inches below the axle and worked fine. More important is the quality of your bearings. That’s the big difference I noticed between my old wheel and newer ones. They roll much smoother, and that makes a big difference!

well they are possible. i was able to go about 4-5 feet after about half an hour of practice.

Pegs are very possible. I can ride a BC with pegs consistently on flat/slightly sloped ground without toooo much trouble. Platforms on the other hand are much easier. I cant really imagine doing many of the things I do on platforms on pegs.

Skateboard mounts would be very tricky, big hills would be scary and hops near impossible. All in all platforms will give you all the same fun and challenge for a bit less bother, and with more possibilities for expanding beyond just rolling along.