Peg unicycling 3-15-2015

I feel silly creating a new thread for a single, short video but I know there are some people on the forum who don’t read the Unicycle Videos Facebook group so I’m posting this here.

Really good! It looks like you caught on very quickly. Do you know what kind of speeds you were doing on it?

I never really practiced with it much but I have a BC wheel and can ride it OK. The peg unicycle takes away the toughest part of BC wheel for me which is having my legs rub the tire. I still need to apply even pressure but the margin for error is larger. The balance is similar to riding a freewheel unicycle but with a more solid base.

On the second hill in the video I usually peak at 10-11 mph. With my tire pumped more it can be 11-12 mph. I can probably get faster if I practice starting faster on this hill or move to other hills but that’s starting to push the envelope of my comfort zone. I definitely need to practice more with braking to slow my speed which I’m finding challenging (vs. braking to stop which is relatively easy). That’s probably because at this stage I find I’m using mainly my upper body for forward/backward balance and not pushing the wheel forward and back for balance like I do while riding a freewheel unicycle. That skill will probably come with more practice.

Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

Nice. All the special stuff you do (free wheel/peg uni) - does it improve your regular unicycling skills?

Yes, I would say that just about all the types of unicycling I do reinforces and helps all the other types. Freewheel (and peg) unicycling gives me a balance-based style of riding on my fixed wheels. I find being able to do tricks like riding one footed carry over to muni and road riding, not so I can ride one footed on those but to give me better control and the ability to save myself from some UPDs. Hill climbing on the muni helps my climbing on road rides and learning to spin fast on road rides transfers back over to muni.

How did you end up attaching the pegs?