Peg BC wheel problem

I just finished getting everything ready for my 16" BC wheel with pegs, but I cant balance on it! :astonished:

Is there a way to flatten the pegs?
I reeeaaally need help!!!

I just slide right off of the round pegs

I told you so!

I told you not to use round pegs…

See if you can attach something to the pegs to flatten them out. Even a couple of stiff pieces of cardboard, that go over and under the peg (looking like an eye from the side) might work.

If you want to be more destructive, file away flat spots on the pegs. That would probably be a lot of work for only a small improvement though.

Haha, I used pegs for mine, after hours and hours of practice, i can balance for about 5 meters. Im getting some proper plates welded in the next few weeks though. :smiley:

If you pay for shiping and materials I can weld you up some plates.

or the super easy way, get some angle iron and drill a hole.

I told you pegs were terrible for a BC, you need plates.

EDIT: We all told you haha.

Well I was thinking to somehow Cut part of the peg in half, so its a flat surface… would that work? And how would i file it down?

Does anyone use a bc wheel with round pegs?

Everyone was right… :smiley:

You need to get plates that drop below the axel. (the lower, the easier)

Just practice more. It isn’t called the “easy to ride wheel”.

Well I dont want it to be Easy, I just want it to be rideable :frowning:

Because right when i stand on it, the pegs just roll out from under my feet

well it’s definitely possible. I’m sure the first time we all got on a uni we thought it was impossible too. You’ve only been trying it for a day or two.

Well actually like 1 hour… :smiley:

But even when i stand on it, the pegs spin from under my feet

one hour? lol i dont think i could ride my normal nimbus bc wheel after 1 hr well maybe 1m but that was just falling off

I rode my first BC wheel after about 15 minutes of practicing. Sure only like 8-10 feet, but that’s still riding…

I think it would be REALLY easy if the pegs wouldnt spin out of my feet… I just need to stand on a flat surface :frowning:

Hey i didnt know u had a deviantart account too :smiley:


:smiley: Ok I found out what the problem was…
First, When i put skateboard griptape on the pegs it helped.
But what reeeaaally helped was when i put on tenis shoes with an arch on the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

So now i can go about 10-15 feet :sunglasses: