Pedro Tejada New WebSite!

Hello :smiley:

Well, I finished it some months ago, but I just updated some content and changed my blog system for the next year, so I’m posting it now!


The website is only in Portuguese for now! Soon I will start working on the translation. Anyway, the website is for official news, press releases, sponsor and media material…

The blog is in portuguese and english! (You find a language selector in the right sidebar). The blog idea is to bring some news from the unicycling world for Brazil and also report my daily life: From special rides to competitions and also some fun I have!

In the website you can also fin my sponsor material for the next year. Soon it will be in English too!

The blog will be updated at least once a week and next weeks it will have many news from UNICON and my trips around NZ!

Special thanks to Leandro, Kris, Olaf (thanks for the tips) and everybody who helped to put it online!

I hope you enjoy (at least what you can understand!) and soon I hope to post the english translation of the website :wink:

Pedro Tejada