Pedro Tejada Interview on ESPN Brazil :D


Before UNICON I made an interview for ESPN Brasil. I said some stuff about the unicycling scenary in Brazil and in the world, showed some clips and said some facts about UNICON.

I dind’t translated yet! I will try to download the video from ESPN site and subtitle it… It’s in potugese! Maybe if you speak spanish you can understand!

Interview on ESPN Brazil WebSite

Thanks Kris and for the help in UNICON!

nice interview

I love how you sound… Portugese sounds pretty awesome.

Awesome Pedro, good job. I couldn’t understand but it looked good;)

Thats pretty cool, to bad I couldn’t understand a word you were saying.

PLEASE, anyone knows how I can download this video from ESPN website? I’m trying but I can’t find a way!

I want to download and translate it!


email the people who interviewed you and ask for them to send you the video… I’m sure they’ll send you a copy. Awesome interview btw, I understood a few bits like when you were explaining the different styles. Oh and monociclo!

I tryied but they can’t send. The guy who interviwed me is an old friend of my family and he tryied but ESPN have a really hard politic in this way. I’m trying an Add for Firefox… It can works :smiley:

Thanks for the comment to!.. I tryied to explain everything, but they edited A LOT :frowning:



You saved my life!!! Thanks a Lot!

I will translate it now, and I will post here!

Thanksss! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: