Pedro goes to the Brazilian Bike Trials Meeting!


Many people knows that we’re in carnaval here in Brazil, a big party week and holiday for us!

Some weeks ago I was invited by some friends to the Brazilian Bike Trials Meeting. It was hosted by a Trials lover called Vicente who have a trials park in his house.

I traveled 200km to spend two awesome days with some old friends and ride :smiley:

I didn’t ride any trials since UNICON, and you’ll notice some really idiot lines, but was fun at all… There’s some flat, only simple stuff that I did to show to the bike trials riders what’s uni flatland (Most of then didn’t knew it!)…

Both 2 days were really cool and I had some fun… Was also nice to meet some Bike trials friends that i didn’t met for a long time.

This is my first video with my new camera (Full HD). I’m still learning to use it, and the color balance was pretty hard to do… The colors still to staurate, but I liked the result!

I hope you enjoy! Please comment!

Pedro Tejada

Nice vid Pedro, like the mix of uni trials and bike trials (I can see you don’t practice trials much :)) The saturation was nice for the greenery, but your pink uni rim and clamp hurt my eyes! Very nice flat (though the bikers didn’t seem to care for it…)

I really like this video!
Inward side backroll? (9:22) Really nice, only seen a few people doing those.

Really enjoyed the video, nice riding from everyone!

Thanks for the comments!

About the bikers… Biggest part of them were behind the camera watching me :D… Some were trying to clean that section in the train line (was really wet…)

I posted on youtube but look like they cut the audio:

Thanks again! Please keep posting comments!

Nice videoo Pedro…
I wish I had traveled with you =)
Next time we go together!

Cool video, I enjoyed it
What camera did you get?

nice video,

yeah what camera did you get?
I’m loooking into getting a new camera.

saturation looks good!!!

cool video
i thought about makeing a video with bmx and unicycle if im good enough
but i hope that is soon;)

I got a Panasonic SD9. It’s cool and pretty cheap… Low light recording sucks, But I’m making a led light to use :stuck_out_tongue:

It definitely worths the price. Also Panasonic isn’t making more 3ccd, only 3mos, and I’m not sure if it’s really good, cause it’s a new technology in compact camcoders…

I really liked this camera… the menu could be better, with more functions, but it’s awesome for the price (BH have it really cheap I think)!

Hey Pedro!

Cool video as usual :wink:
The colours are great and the quality is awesome :astonished:
this palmtrees in the background looks so cool, we dont have them in austria:D
keep it up! :sunglasses:


do you drive trial with or without rollodisks?