Peddle Protectors

I’m not very experienced at unicycling, but I’m not a beginner either. I’m going to be getting a Nimbus 2 ISIS next month. Is it worth the money to invest in geting a pair of peddle protectors too?

depends, exactly what kind of uni are you getting? (nimbus 2 isis could be a freestyle, muni or trials anywhere from 20" to 29"). For muni or trials they will stop good pedals getting mashed, and that annoying noise that metal pedals make when you drop a uni. The will also stop metal pedals digging holes on the boot of your car or the walls in your house. If it’s just a freestyle or hockey uni I woudn’t bother.

If you mean this

then it comes with plastic pedals and no need for the protectors.

If you are using it inside on a gym floor then they might be required by the building owners in order to help protect their floors.

I’m going to custom build it for trials and I plan on geting metal peddles. I never thought about the sound of metal on concrete or scraping of cars and walls, good points

Pedal weight weenie weighs in

I bought some and put them on a set of snafus. Made a heavy set of pedals heavier IMHO. Not worth it for me, to do it again , I wouldn’t.

These plastic bumper things weigh 70 grams on my extremely accurate ( don’t ask ) scale.

I like light pedals, and ride outside. Basically, those things are fairly tough, high quality. But I prefer a lighter pedal, so I don’t use them anymore.

Whatcha weighing their buuuuuudy?

Yeah feel the light…you wanna be friends? I think we’d get along. Come visit me, and bring everything you’ve ever weighed on that scale.:stuck_out_tongue:

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they are also great on 29 and 36" unicycles. these typically hit the ground with a lot of speed and go flying away down the road…these pedal protectors act as a break…if the pedal hits, they pretty much stop right there.

i have thanked myself for having them repeatedly

They’re also great on a muni. Especially if you go to Moab.

During one of the early Moab weekends my muni slid down a slop and went falling down about an 80+ foot drop. Pedal Protectors would have very likely stopped that slide towards potential unicycle catastrophe well before it got to the big drop.

Pedal Protectors are a nice thing for a unicycle that takes hard knocks and hard falls. They absorb some of the impact force. Your pedals will last longer.

They aren’t for everyone and every style of riding. But if they do the trick for you that is what matters.