I need new pedals for my uni and I want to know which I should get?


Could you give an example of what you want?

What type of uni and what type of riding do you want them for? Trials? Freestyle? Street? etc?

Is you want to do street you want to get flat platform pedals, like animal hamlton or odessey C pedals, is you wanna do trials you want concave platform pedals with enormously long pins, muni - same, freestyle rounded end plastic, odessy twisted are a good choice.

ya I want to do trial and muni

I have been happy with Odeysseys pedals.
I had one pair of plastics where the composite was too brittle and the pins all snapped off the first two days I had them. That was a fluke tho and has not happened again to any of the 5 or so pairs I have used.

The Jimy C’s are a pretty good metal pedal, they are not light but they are very fairly priced for the strength. You will not want them for muni tho, the Knurled surface collects dirt and gets very slippery.
They came out with the “trail mix” to solve that problem. I have not tried them but they seem like an awesome pedal and perfect for what you want.

The twisted pedals are more of a disposable pedal Unless you want plastic for street, I would go with the trail mix over the twisted for metal.

I feel that if you want something in the 30-40 dollar price range. Odyssey Is where its at. IMO you cant get a better stronger pedal for that price. Your other option would be to spend twice as much on something “nicer”.

ya well im only 14 so 30-40 is a bit high but if they last the I guess it’s worth it

Pedals are really all about feel, if you like a pair of pedals you will tell everyone else they are the best out there, however if you don’t like the feel you will tell everyone that they are horrible.

So basically I would recomend getting some either aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy bodied pedals (for trials and muni very few people will say nay to these, although for street it seems more people prefer plastic now). I would also recomend getting pedals that AREN’T sealed, unsealed pedals seem to have a longer lifespan than sealed ones.

I love my kona jackshits, they are awesome for me. ANythng with long pins really.