just wondering what the best muni pedals are

any thing thats good for free ride mountain biking works for uni

i like my kona platforms for trials…3.5x3.5" platform with 10 removabable pins on each side.

Brooklyn makes the shinburger which is a deadly set of pedals but I doubt your feet will ever fall off of them.

crankbrothers have some nice pedals. I would highly recommend them.

i’ve broken a few sets of plastic and metal pedals, but i’m using eastern pedals right now with removable screws, they’re great. super grippy and very strong

do these look like theyde be good for trials

those look semi-heavy, over priced and not that grippy. the pins don’t look very long or like their in great places. snafus are the best pedals for my money. sturdy but not too expensive so when they wear out you can afford to get more. shinburgers are also reportedly incredibly sturdy. i know seager really like his konas.

these are what I ride too. Good, strong pedals. I think I paid somewhere around $30 for 'em at the LBS.

Do good pedals make much difference? I’ve just got stock ones…

get some wellgo platform pedals with removable pins. they are like, 15$ BMX pedals and they come in all different colors. you can always replace the pins (or remove them for grinding) easily, your feet wont fall off and the will be plenty to take most kinds of abuses.


for muni i think the best pedals are the point alien

When it’s wet and dirty you have the same grip as when it isn’t wet outside.
But becareful, always wear shinguards:D

those 5050’s are good for trials, because they’re easy to get the pins out of one side, and the plates, you can remove, and replace after you grind on them a million times.

i think the wellgo’s come with the 2006 DX which is what i have and i like those pedals, good grip, but the only problem is all the reflectors broke off within a very short period of time like a month. everything else is good about it wear shin gaurds though. The snafu pedals look nice too those would be my next pedals prob.

I ride with the (previously mentioned) drilled-out Brooklyn Shinburgers. They hold your feet like glue, which is good, because if you slip off, you not enjoy what happens next. The “bear-trap” nick-name is well deserved. They’re extremely heavy, huge, and more or less a demolition-grade MUni pedal. If they get dull, just file some points back on 'em and ride on - no need to change bent pins.

The aspect that I like most about them is the large platform area they provide. It’s somewhat forgiving with respect to foot placement, assuming you don’t altogether miss.

I just slapped a wellgo set on my 24" ebay gravity uni… within 5 minutes i was bleeding nicely…

I just removed all of the studs/pins from it… I had to leave 8 on each side that I can’t seem to find how to get them out… but those don’t bother me since they are on the far ends of the pedals… I saved the studs in case I want to re-install them some day…

MAN =) Awesome pedals for $ 20 at the LBS.

those pedals will be good for like 3 of 4 rides but than they will start to suck