i am at the stage where my trusty snafus have just about had it and i am looking at getting some new pedals.

i am thinking about getting either jim c’s or dmr v12’s. what is your oppinion of these pedals? i know i will be able to grind on the jim c’s but not on the v12’s so will they fit the danscomp grindplate? i can get them for virtually the same price so which should i get? how does the grip compare? are the pins all gonna fall out like on my snafus?
oh, and are sealed pedals worth the extra money?

thanks for your help,


i presume your gonna be using them for street, i had a pair of dmr v8’s on my kh for a while…they give great grip, maybe a little too much tho. iv got jim cs on my kh now and they have quite a bit bigger platform so you have a higher margin of error for tricks. i have lost one pin so far out of my jim cs (the sealed jim cs come with 3 sets of pins), you get a long set and a short set of pins with em for customising your grip. So overall imho for street/trials i think the jim cs win :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent really used sealed pedals so i dunno, the sealed jim cs hav an allen key for taking off the dust cap so u dont lose it

where can i get a look at some jim c pedals :thinking:

you mean a picture? just goto da odysseybmx website and look…

but if you mean buy them…

your lbs should be able to get them in or :roll_eyes:

for muni my crank brothers fifty fifty’s with all the pins in are the stuff

get eastons