I am sick of my cheap torker peddals so I am looking in to getting some $20 Bulletproof Alloy Platform Pedals ( ). I just want to know other peoples thoughts about these peddals. How durable are they?

Buy these instead!

they are ok. id get the next step up if you do some more extreme riding.

Wow total shinburger rip offs, or did they change the way they look this year…

I have a pair of the shinburgers, I must say they are a very smooth pedal that grip your shoe well dont have the same kind of grip as pedals with pins. Their biggest feature is their massive size and bomb proof design. If your foot ever came off you cant miss them when trying to put your foot back on, if you do however watch out they will put you in a world of hurt without thinking.

do brooklyn machine works make the shinburgers?


I like the Jim Cielinski(sic) pedals on unicycledotcom, they work brilliantly for me.

i like the snafus. really good for my huge feet.

I bought some Redline pedals with replaceable pins for $20 at a local bike store. The pins screw in from the opposite side.

buying any pedals with sealed bearing would be the way to go if you have the money. The bearings are much less likely to break or have any other problems. Primo, shimano, and Dk all make very nice sealed bearing pedals. Goodluck

Snafus rock! I love them hard.

Not necessarily. Not all sealed pedals are created equal. Some have a poor design that puts excessive side loads on the bearing. They also rely on the bearing to actually hold the pedal body on the spindle. The cartridge bearings commonly used in pedals are not designed to be able to handle side loads. They will literally fall apart from the abuse. When they fall apart the pedal body slides right off the spindle. I’ve had a sealed bearing pedal fall off the spindle during a ride because the bearing disintegrated. Two weeks ago Harper had the same thing happen during a muni ride.

The good sealed bearing pedals tend to be expensive. But not all expensive sealed bearing pedals have a good design. My pedal that fell apart was an Easton platform pedal that retails for at least $80. High cost doesn’t guarantee a better design. Shimano, AtomLab Aircorp, and Specialized platform pedals have a good bearing design. There are also a few other brands with good designs. Most others are the bad design that destroys bearings and lets the pedal body fall off the spindle.

The problem is that when a unicycle falls on the ground the pedals hit the ground and put a sharp side load on the bearings. Unicycles fall a lot so they get repeated bashes to the pedal like that. Bikes don’t have that problem so the pedals tend to last longer on bikes.

If you use a sealed bearing pedal you’re going to have to do regular inspections of the bearing. Take the pedal body off and check the bearing. If it is developing slop or play then it is time to replace it before it completely falls apart.

Unsealed bearings are a mess to regrease and overhaul, but they don’t suffer from the problems that the sealed bearing pedals do. I don’t like regreasing and rebuilding unsealed pedals because it’s messy. But it’s something you gotta do if you ride unsealed pedals out in the elements (rain, dirt, etc.).

If you’re doing trials or street riding then unsealed pedals will probably hold up better to that kind of abuse. You don’t have to worry about unsealed pedals falling off the spindle. Good sealed pedals are good for Cokers and muni as long as you do regular inspections of the bearings to make sure they’re still holding up.

I like snafu

I like dirt

I am riding sanfus right now. Previously I had gone through two sets of easterns. In all honesty I have not been too impressed with the snafus. My left pedal has about 40% of the pins remaining (either broken off or fell out) after less than 2 months of riding them while the easterns lasted 6 months each.

i think jim cilienckis (sp) or primo super tenderizers are the way to go, I’ve had my primos for about a year and they’re holding up great

It’s not unusual to have pins fall out. You can replace them. The pins used on the Snafu pedals (and many other pedals) are just standard metric set screws. Better hardware stores carry metric set screws, but more likely you’ll have to go to a specialty fastener store to get them. Some bike shops also stock replacement set screws.

When you replace them, use a little Loctite thread retainer and get them nice and tight. With the Loctite treatment they are much less likely to fall out on their own. The low strength Loctite is adequate for the pedal pins. No need to go for the high strength red stuff.

yeah, if i remember right Checkernuts bought those and thought they pretty much sucked. kinda a form over function deal.

primo super tenderizers are awesome pedals. I picked up a pair when I started riding street and trials (summer 2000). I noticed that the pins fell out like crazy, welded on a couple grind plates, and they are still in heavy use/abuse today. they are a little heavy but I think it’s a fair trade for their comrort, grip, and durability.

The new nortshore pedals are look cool, cuz theyr white!