My dad said to me today that i can get some new pedals for christmas and that we could order them today. However, I called and Danscomp and both of them said that they had only the newer style of pedals:(

My question is, does anyone know where to get the older style? and also, if not, What is the best pedal for trials (other than old snafu) :thinking:

thanks alot,


Try the mail order links at
Maybe one of those dealsers still has an old Snafu laying around. It’s a long shot though.

I took a quick look at Albe’s and saw a cool pedal cover for the Primo pedals.
That pedal guard might be good for pedal grabs and pedal grinds. Interesting idea. The pedal guard would let you pedal grab on benches and such without damaging the bench, plus they would also protect the pedal. It is not clear if the pedal guard fits the Primo Tenderizer or the Primo Pro?

I dont think it matters, both the primos are really close to the same.

I emailed Albe’s and the pedal guard fits both the Primo Tenderizer and the Primo Pro.

I’d consider the Primo pedals for trials because of the available pedal guard. I used the Primo Tenderizer (unsealed) briefly on my Pashley MUni. I haven’t used the Primo Pro so I don’t know how well their sealed pedals hold up. Anyone using the Primo Pro for trials? How well do the bearings hold up when doing pedal grabs?

I’d say the Primo pedals would be a good alternative to the old style Snafu pedals for trials.

wow! d’ont everybody reply at once!:smiley:
c’mon you trials guys out there, you c’ant all have the old snafu pedals! what are you using??

thanks for the above replies, i’ll call those distributors on monday, i really want new pedals:)


Dk Iron Crosses,

Hopefully my new pedal to be.

If you really want to know, I use these - bog standard pedals with pins.

However, the pins are intact despite learning to grab on them; with the right shoes they’re grippy enough… I’ll think about some more expensive ones when they break, but they don’t appear to be showing any signs of doing so.

Phil, just me

I use these:

but these are supposed to be good:

Cor… they look very nice, but… they’re not cheap!

Phil, just me

I’m putting some on my 20 inch demo uni, just as soon as they arrive.

For the price of them you could buy 13 pairs of the last pedals I bought!

Phil, just me

Im using a pair of oddessey twisted PC’s, becuase they’re cheap andthe spindles are stronger than my Ringle’s, which bent after about a week. Im planning to upgade to atomlab trailkings next spring.

But they are AT LEAST 13 times prettier :slight_smile:

It really sucks that they have stoped making the good style of Snafus. I haven’t seen any other pedals that will work as well as them for trials. The primo pedals have the right shape, but they’re pretty heavy, and the pins hardly grip at all.

If anyone finds someplace that still has old Snafus, please let me know. My year and a half old unsealed Snafus are finaly starting to lose it. They where clicking a lot when I was riding today, and some of the pins have been knocked out so many times that the threads in the pedal are completely gone, making it impossible to replace the pin.


I tried about 15 different dealers and NONE of them have any of the old pedals left :frowning:
This really sucks. Do you think we could influence Snafu on doing another batch of these pedals (several people pre-paying) and paying high amounts of money? how many of you would be willing to do this? and how mcuh money? (60-80$ US??)

Well, it was just a thought,
however, it has become my personal mission in life to find these pedals, and i will do everything within my abilities to locate a pair for sale:D i’ll tell you if i do,


Have you tried ebay? Maybe there would be some on there.