I’m looking at getting some pedals for one of my unis, currently all of other unis have Hope F20 pedals apart from one.
Can anyone recommend a decent alternative to Hole F20 pedals.
I’m currently looking at Raceface Chester pedals.

Why do you not want another set of f20s? I have them on my muni and really like them; they are a bit pricey though…

I run Chesters and I think they are great but possibly a little bit small. A friend just got some Crankbrothers Stamp 1s and those are nice and big, I think they are a little cheaper than the Chesters too so I might get some for another uni in the future.

I liked my Chesters fine but as unigoof mentioned they are a bit small (for Muni)

I cannot recommend the stamp 1’s due to them breaking after less then 250 miles

I’m currently using Kona wah wah plastic pedals for Muni and couldn’t be happier with them. They are ((HUGE)) and thin and grippy and tough… cant recommend them enough

For road/gravel riding on the 36 i like my shimano PD-GR500’s. They spin so smooth and just generally feel good underfoot for hours in the saddle

Raceface Chesters on my muni and I ride in hiking boots.

I blew my stamp 1s apart days after getting them… really not impressed with any crankbrothers pedals…


Could you please explain the extra long adapters. They look dangerous.

Thats the pedal body sliding off the shaft. It failed in less then 250 miles

Sounds like mine wasn’t just a lemon then!

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I used these stamp ones on my 36er originally but they had the slightest annoying little pop when pedaling so after a day or two I put them on my 19” and a few days after that it blew apart on me doing some light trials. Then I bought the stamp 7s and put them on my 36er and literally same crappy pop feeling and always on my left foot which is really strange because I’m right foot dominant… not sure. Now they are on my 19” but have not broke entirely yet.

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I’ve been using Stamp7’s and Stamp3’s for about 9 months now. So far no issues with them and I like the massive platform size.

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Yikes, I’ll warn my friend about that and will look into your recommendations when I get around to buying some new pedals.

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It’s just the expensive of them has gone up and don’t really fancy spending £140 on pedals

Thanks everyone for the great comments. One thing for sure is I’m staying away from crank brothers pedals as I don’t want them breaking on me.

OMG now I’m scared by my preferred pedals! Do not consider anymore my post on FB please!

Shimano PD-M530? Anyone?

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I ride the Race Face Chester Pedals on my MTB. There great to ride I think but mostly i ride downhill with my uni and not with two wheels.

I also use cheap plastic pedals with metal pins, there are also work for Touring on the 36".

I did once spend £100ish on some nice orange pedals. Forget the name but I regretted it almost after the first ride.

The pins and metal looked nice but got dinged and bent too quickly for my liking.

I get there’s prob some weight savings to be had with higher end pedals but I now feel more inclined to use standard Nimbus plastic pedals as they never seem to go working and feel great overall.

On Blue Shift it came with some chunking Primo pedals which I really do like.

Again not expensive and may look a bit old skool but feel robust, come in colours and take a tumble in the right way.

On a unicycle I’d put £ into a nice tyre and saddle + handle and then perhaps a nice brake. But pedals above £50 would have to have a real reason. Sure there’s weight. But they need to just get out of the way of my riding and not bug me too much when they get dinged.

Hope this perspective helps a tad :pray:

Love my Nuke Neutron - and the Electron too, as I have both versions:

Very lightweight, insane grip, strong, and don’t break the bank.
They’re available in the US under a different brand, someone might chime in as I don’t remember right now.
I bought what I thought were the same, made by BLB (fixie stuff) but they’re just a pale copy: pins are not removable and made of plastic with a wider diameter.

Edit: you can get them for an even better deal than the official retail price by getting them from chainreactioncycle if you’re in Europe

Ohh yes. They stick to your feet like crazy (at least with Five Ten stealth soles). I actually prefer the (slightly heavier) V11 - DMR Bikes because they have less grip so repositioning me feet is easier :upside_down_face: … as my skills improve I foresee that I will end up preferring the Nukeproofs…