Hi this is my very 1st post. I bought 2 pedals off eBay, 9/16 thread, this is to large to fit in my 20, and 28 inch uni, pedal arms. Am I buying the wrong size thread? Cheers for any info:)

Usually I’d say no, 9/16ths pedal threads are about the most standard thread size of any bicycle part. There are 1/2" pedal threads but they’re really only used on BMX’s.

EDIT: Just re-read, sorry!

It may be that you do have 1/2" pedal threads but I’d be surprised to hear it. What cranks/uni’s do you have?

Hi, I’m trying to take pics, but it’s saying file to big, God knows how I post pics to you now, as don’t know make etc of uni, or cranks, but the 28 inch ones has the old style cotter pins, and flat metal frame, and flat seat post. Just noticed your Manchester based, I’m in Altrincham

are they too large for the holes, or just not going in? If you have the left crank and the right pedal, it won’t thread in. Just wanted to throw this out there, probably doubtful that this is the problem, but ya never know…

No the thread is to large for holes.
I know left pedal goes on left comes off right.
Right pedal goes on right undoes left.
I’ll just stick to pedals it already. I wanted to upload pics onto here, but can’t as it’s saying format to large, how the hell do you reduce picture in order to upload ? Cheers Roy.

You need to download a photo resizer app, then resize the photo you’re trying to post to 800x600. It should upload then.

Oh and welcome to the forum!

Where do you download app from ?
Cheers mate

Are you using your phone, or PC?

Edit: I’ve just searched Google and you can do the whole process online, no apps.

Here is the link to one of them.
You need to upload your image then go down to the ratio bit. The maximum you can enter is 800x600 (get as close as possible) Then download the new image and you should be able to upload it to here :slight_smile: