Post your reviews on this.

I can’t find a pedals thered.

anyway has anybody used this pedals

I want to get some but I’m not sure I want to spend $235NZ on pedals…

What are you using them for?

to be honest. I love odysee pcs. They’re grippy, they don’t cut the hell out of your leg, and they’re 9 bucks a pair right now. Even if you break them constantly, you’ll come out ahead. I’ve seen some plastics with metal pins too, but I don’t know what brand they are. oh, and plastic is a relatively lightweight pedal for the price.

Those look like super nice pedals, but I would feel bad about scratching them up O.o unless you’ve got a lot of dough to blow, I don’t see the need. I definitely see the WANT :smiley:

I dont know about these pedals… but they are so sexy!:stuck_out_tongue: I’d go with Welgo MG-1(with Ti axles if you want). They are pretty cheap and from what I’ve heard they are really grippy and pretty cool for trials.

yea I’d use them for trials. and yea I dont know about spending a heap of money on pedals that haven’t had reviews on or that I can see.

honestly id get MG1s.i think there the best pedal made.
there stong,light,good shape,excellent grip.

i use these pedal on all my unis anbd bicycles

Dont get the cheap ebay pairs,they last a few weeks,get the ones that are about 120.the ebay ones are factory rejects and get loose and feel flexy,howeever there 30.

the set in my uni im running now are 3 yr old all i did was service them,the set in my trials bicycle are 2 yrs old and as smooth as.

Hey I use a set of metal wellgo pedals too, not sure of model but are really grippy with the metal pins.
Anyone got any advice with regards to what to use for learning flatland tricks, I find that cos if the pins in the pedals im using its hard to shift my feet around if im wanting to start hopping or anything like that. Really just looking for any good cheap pedal for learning tricks?

I think a lot of the flatland guys use plastic pedals. Probably a combination of being able to move their feet around and because they do less damage than metal pedals when they whack you in the shins.

Are your pins removable? If they are, try taking them out. You usually only need an allen key.

A mate showed me these ones as well. I like the black and red

Yeah the pins are removable but there are some that aren’t, kinda raised pins that are actually part of the pedal itself. Are there any specific plastic pedals that anyone would recommend for flatland type riding (preferably not too expensive)?

Twisted PC’s

+1, that’s what I use for flatland.

+2, that’s what I used to use on my Street/Flat/Trials uni. Now I only ride trials so I switched to Tensile cranks and Welgo Mg-4 pedals.

I want tensils and the second URL I posted with the ti axel.

the best pedals ever made :stuck_out_tongue: end of story haha

Thanks for sharing it. Good Job

I want new pedals, mine are bent and they are moving on the axle:( But they are still ridable so I’m riding them:p I’ll probably go with Qu-ax Magnesium(Mg-1) to match my wheel and seatcover:)

I think with the over whelming majority vote there I will be buying myself some Twisted PCs then! :stuck_out_tongue:
cheers for the advice guys

You might as well buy a couple pairs… after you use them once, you wont want to be riding with anything else ever again. Even tho plastic pedals may wear quicker than metal the twisted PCs are by far well worth the 8-13 dollar investment.

While on this topic. If anyone out there grinds with pretty much only the right pedal, shoot me a PM. I would love to work out a trade, my right pedals for your lefts.

About your pedals thing… If we I trade a left pedal with you and you send me a right pedal, I wont have a pair anymore, I’ll have 2 right!

I have some left pedals here though, I always bent the right one:(

EDIT: If your looking to trade Twisted PC’s my left one has a flat side…

Have you seen these? Apparently the plates will fit on any pedals. Might be an idea if pedal wear from grinding is an issue for you.