while going for a new record today, my plastic pedals split down the middle,

I am most likely going to buy the metal dx pedals unless someone knows of better pedals with a reasonable price, I’m looking at pedals with metal pins, that won’t break in 5 months like these ones did.

I use JC Od that came with the KH, can’t say much about durability since I haven’t had them that long but good grip.

Im not sure but Wellgo MG-1s are magnesium pedals so they are extremely light and get the ones with tianium axle. If there not your style maybe the Jim Cs although I hate them maybe you wont. Snafu? Maybe the Oddysey trailmix pedals ?

I have some 50/50’s on my uni,but i would reccomend one of the various versions of the Odyssey Cielencki, The cheapest metal version is like $30. Odyssey Cielencki

could you post a link?

The metal dx pedals are my favourite as far as price, weight, grip and strength are concerned. I say get them.

get these

Right when you get pedals take one side of the pins out of your grinding pedal, to prevent from every pin from falling off and getting stripped. I had to throw out my jc trailmix pedals because of this.

So how are mags with a ti spindle? I dont plan to pedal grab with them, but can they hold up to a lot of force? Specially when im gapping sets and drops.

well lots of rider’s use MG1’s and the quax mags are pretty used, and they hold up well, pedal grabs and they don’t always like the uni being bashed too much, but seem to hold fine for most. I have Slim Jim mags and they have held up for nearly a year now (more than your ‘da bomb’ marcus :wink: )

So since the MG1’s are pretty good, the ti axle should only make them better. Set’s and drops will be fine on them.


but can you aford* them

[edit] this look good

These look nice.

for that price, go with the mg1’s, their light, and strong. Without the TI axel though.


And to whoever said if I can afford it, I have a job. In 3 days I can go out and buy a set (that ti spindle is going to be fun) put them on my uni, go for a ride, buy lunch, finish the night with a movie and dinner, and still ahve some left over.

Im just making sure they are worth it and will hold out long enough to be worth it, cause otherwise, ill stick with my $10-$20 pedals that last for year(s) before they are bad enough to replace or break.

can anybody recommend good trials pedals for under 30 bucks

What types of pedal setups do people use for grinding? Pins in or out?

I find metal pedals with pins out of one side is best for grinding. Anything else I can’t grind on. Some people grind on plastic pedals but I much prefer metal.

Well im a trials rider so i keep all my pins in.I only grind rails so pins in is fine.I have no problems with rails with the pins in it just wears them down fast

But you only put your foot on one side of the pedal. And when you pedal grab stuff it doesn’t leave holes and scratches in it. And when I grind rails with the pins in it feels all uneven and weird, there’s not enough pedal touching the rail so it’s dodgy. That’s my oppinion.

Meh… You are probably right but im just saying its fine grinding with pins in.Doesnt feel uneven or wierd to me.Hungry4uni is mainly a trials rider anyway so he should probable keep them in