Pedals won't stay tight...

So I got my Nimbus X Street ISIS a few days ago, but the pedals keep coming slightly loose and make a clicking sound. Everything is on its proper side from what the stickers say, but after thinking about it, it seems that maybe something got mis-labeled. What I mean is… when the wheel rotates forward (clockwise from the right side), the right pedal will spin counterclockwise (relative to the crank), which is the way to loosen it. Could someone please straighten this out for me? I don’t get the physics behind it at all.

Side note- It came with aluminum cranks, and the pedals are scraping the outside layer off and slowly digging further into the cranks as I keep having to tighten them. Maybe it’s just soft aluminum and I need new cranks already, but I’ve only been riding back and forth in my yard and down the street, no jumping or anything to really stress it. Does anybody else’s pedals do this to their cranks?

First things first: Make sure you’re riding with the right pedal on the right-hand side. If the stickers are wrong, most cranks have an L or R stamped into them, usually on the inside (facing the wheel). Also you can test by which way the pedal tightens. R is normal threading, L is reverse (anti-clockwise to tighten).

Make sure you’re getting them on tight. Do you have a decent wrench? The problem may be that you rode too much with the pedals loose and the threads are damaged. Further tightening and riding will tell.

Pedals don’t unscrew from straight rotation. What makes wrong-side pedals come loose is precession, the spiral motion of the force that gets applied as the pedaling pressure goes around and around. 100 years of bicycle technology does not have the pedals on the wrong side; don’t worry!

I got a unicycle of ebay. And when I was riding it started to notice this clicking noise the thing i knew i was flying fowards. My crank had come of whilst I was riding it. After looking at it everything was loose.

And I had destroyed the crank by riding it when it was clicking. So i had to replace them

get new pedals,i would becuase th pedal medal and crank metal doesnt go to well toghther it will strip like all my unicycle have,buy a new pair of pedals it shold do the trick.