Pedals - Which ones?

Right, my pedals are bust (again), and instead of buying Wellgos again, I feel like splashing out and getting something a bit more expensive.

Any suggestions?
I have been looking at Snafu platforms and DX.

Cheers big ears,


For muni or trials?

Either way, I’d recommend DMR V8s or V12s- loads of colours, strong, good grip, sealed bearings, greaseport (great feature!). Can change the pin length too.

Azonic A-Frames have fantastic grip look awesome, but perhaps are a bit pricey for trials at £50- good for muni. I think the pin holes are shallow so shorter pins are still quite long…

Primo Tenderizers are great for trials- actually make that freestyle/trials/street. For pure trials they may not be grippy enough, I find sometimes I slip off them when hopping sideways with a lot of force. Great for unispins and moves where you want to take your feet on and off the pedals. Magnesium versions are light, but not recommended for grinding. Nice for pedal grabs too.

I’m going to try some double caged pedals for muni as the grip is pretty good and they’re light. Not twisted though… May be good for trials, but I reckon pretty quickly.

Damn- “…reckon they will bend pretty quickly”!

hey joe hows it going?
i think its gotta be DMR v8’s.
cheap lots of colours and strong

I reckon these ones look all good

I have DMRs on a couple of my unis. The ones with grease ports aren’t sealed. Nice pedals, though. I also use DDG platform pedals. DDG = “Drop dead Gorgeous” = trade mark of Super Cycles in Nottingham. They are the Onza people. Roger speaks highly of the shop. I find the counter service a bit sloppy. Dunno if they do mail order, but I guess they would.

I ordered my bike from Supercycles online and you can order most other things (unicycles included!) too. When I called the shop to find out about a delivery time the guy who answered seemed a little… dim to say the least. And a bit gruff. And got the delivery date wrong (not to fear, it came earlier!) But I called again recently and a different guy who seemed to have his wits about him picked up and was really helpful. They don’t seem to reply to email though… Supercycles

Mike, is there a Just Scooters shop on the same street as Supercycles?

Anyway, Chain Reaction have the V8s on sale for £20! Plus free delivery!!!

Hey Des, Im great. Hurting a bit - si and aaron have been up for the weekend. Been riding too much! :stuck_out_tongue:
I hear you are coming to the BBC ride on the 4th. Look forward to meeting up with you again. How is Gemma?

Back to pedals, and I think I will go for the V8’s from chainreaction, as they are highly spoken of.
I shall order them now…


Yes, that’s where my poor damaged Vespa is going tomorrow.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I hear those grind plate pedals are bad. The plate supposedly falls off really quick.

I have had good experiences with Snafus. They are not terribly heavy and have good grip. They are durable except the pins can fall out if you do a TON of pedal grabs. Other than that I have found them durable.

Can anyone tell me exactly what pedals Kris Holm’s uses on his municycle?
Surely, it’s not the Super Primos sold on his Pro-series 24".
My guess is that it isn’t the cheap wellgo pedals (of KH 24" fame) either.

I am considering the Sunringle? pedals.
.The pins seem longer for mud clearance
.They are 25% lighter than Super Primos
.They have sealed bearings and look more durable than my Wellgo B-37
.They have removable pins

I’m also considering
“Odyssey Jim Cielencki Platform Pedals with Pins”
for the same reasons.

My goal is to find some pedals with more grip and lighter weight than Super Primos
WHILE having higher durability and less grip (so that my shoes don’t get torn up) than the Wellgo B-37s.

I think the KH 04s have Snafus on them, but I’m sure I’ve seen the Tenderizers on that red muni he uses.

Magnesium Tenderizers are also 25% lighter than the standard ones.

I have heard great things about the Jim Cielencki pedals, both from unicyclists and BMX riders. Alot of trials riders seem to like the DMRs.

The Sunringle Zuzu pedals are not good for aggressive riding. The crossbar (where the row of 4 grip pins are) is weak and can break, especially if the pedal hits a rock.

The Zuzu is a nice pedal and I use it on my Coker. But I wouldn’t use it on my muni.

Yo Joe!!! I can sell you some V8’s for a tenner if you like? only bin used lightly (no big drops). They’re in good con and in white. Email me if your interested?

Hey mate,
bit late, I ordered some V8s (silver) from CRC just after you left on sunday. Should be here tomorrow (tuesday).
Thanks a bunch anyways! :slight_smile:

I need to email you anyways…


Such a bogan Joe… such a bogan. :angry:

Enjoy your pedals.