pedals w/ fully removable pins

what pedals have completely removable pins where i can take them all out with a screwdriver or allen wrench, instead of with pliers or a grinder?

or if i got these does anyone know if these are grippy? i want the movability of plastic pedals but just w/ metal ones.


i had those on my b*ke and they were prity shocking for grip… <------ those are apparently prity good

wait, is that shocking good or bad

also how big are the wellgos?

i have the wellgos on my uni and they are pretty grippy, i can ride in snow with wet pedals and wet shoes with little to no slippage.

the reasons i want them is because:

w/ flatland, my feet always get jammed between the wheel/peddle pins, these look like it wouldnt happen as much

i wouldnt loose any pins out of them

i could easily grind off the pins to grind

theyre uber cheap!! so i could by them as i wrecked them

i have the wellgos on my uni and they are pretty grippy, i can ride in snow with wet pedals and wet shoes with little to no slippage.

Just buy or make a grindplate like these ones available on

They’re pretty easy to make, just make sure you countersink the bolt holes to get the bolt heads flush.

A grindplate is better than just taking out the pins because:

  1. You don’t damage your pedals at all.
  2. They slide better.
  3. The side with the grindplate will always rotate down when your foot isn’t on so you can’t mount on the wrong side of the pedal.

ive heard that every time you spin the uni the grind plate gos on top

the kona jackshit pedals have fully removable pins and shouldnt be more than 30 bucks and you remove them witha small allen key or the jim c oddesys have fully removeable pins and go for around 35 bucks from udc they use a 5mm allen if im not mistaken.

k- heres the dealio

the pedal in the picture you have shown is what i used to have on my bmx bike and what i now have on my unicycle. it is a fine pedal, and very grippy until the pins start wearing down (the reason they are no longer on my bmx bike). i replaced them with wellgo platform pedals with removable pins. they are more grippy then the original pedals ever were, they come in cool colors, they are only $15, you can remove pins from one side for grinding, and you can replace pins that break or wear. you can get pins and pedals from shipping will cost half as much as the pedals though, sometimes you can find them in bike shops.

heres a pic of the jackshits for a pic of the oddesys just go to udc


i hate them with all my heart(overexageration)
but i dont like them at all. the pinson the left and right edges get your foot cought in between the crank/wheel and you fall. plus they have crappy bearings.
they are also crappy for pedal grabbing. they break very easily…

its just me … but i hate them

i concur

well thats why i wanted them(to not get stuck) but i guess ill get something else

ya- i did break one once. it sucks. but, the other pair i had went through quite a bit and never broke. if you are a serious pedal grabber, you’ll probably wanna get something a lil more beefy, but seriously, other than that, they are fine.