pedals to tire, tips

i wanna learn to go from the pedals to the tire then back, whats the best wayto learn tis? should i do it w/ a 180 unispin? or just straight up? any other tips would be greatly appreciated



can you do hop on tire fine with out the transistion to pedals? If not, i would suggest that.

I could make a short video of different ways getting to the tire or to the pedals if you want.

i cant hop on the tire well but i can get up on it from the ground and stay up for a few seconds then to the pedals but i just want to get therefrom the pedals

you mean hopping on the wheel, right?
that requires a 90 degree unispin…check the Marsh Sister’s website:

it has some really awesome info for unicycling.

but cant you do it just straight up? rather than spin? i dont need to hop when im up there, i just want to hop up then hop down.

i no longer need help i can do it now

the advice ill give is: jsut go for it and i put i foot on the crown and one on the tire and try to like push your feet together and keep them there dont let the tire foot let the tire roll,then just drop down to the pedals

it takes a few times to get ti right just practice it

That’s exactly what i was messing around with tonite. I can jump from the ground up to the tire, do a couple hops, and then 90o unispin back down to the pedals. But, i guess i’m still a little afraid of going from pedals to the tire. Today was the first time i’ve ever jumped from the ground straight up to the tire though, so maybe it’ll be nothing from pedals to tire. Hmm.

So you don’t turn the uni sideways (90o) when you go from pedals to tire? I’ve never actually considered doing it that way.

Maybe i’ll just get up the nerve, and try to jump from pedals to tire tomorrow; and quit being suck a baby. Thanks for posting your advice.

yeah i go straight up w/o a spin, its easier for me i tryed the 90*one but fell and i cant hop on the tire at all so i dont even try.

when you do fall its more of just stepping off the uni so dont worry a bout falling. youve just got to go for it dont think abotu it its easier than it looks