Pedals on Nimbus ll

I have just a week ago bought a Nimbus ll
I’ve been trying almost 2 wks (1st wk, on cheap uni)
To learn idling, free mounting & riding backwards
I’ve noticed a few times, the pedals have come just slightly loose.
Yes , the left is on left, right on right.
Would it be worth putting locktite on threads to stop is reoccurring?
Also I’m getting a creaking noise, that feels like it’s coming from left peddle side, but sounds like a spoke noise. The bike is brand new by the way. Only got it last Thursday. Could this simply be a bedding in noise ?
Cheers for any comments.

I’ve never been a fan of using locktite on pedals, but I think some do it. You could try it, it’s not going to break anything. I always tighten my pedals on really tight.

As for the creaking, it’s possible just a breaking in sound (normally it sounds like a “ping”), but I’ve also had new unis come with loose spokes… So definitely check them just go around the wheel and pinch two together to see if there is a loose one.

It’s not a bad idea to go over all the nuts and bolts on the uni, a creaking sound can come from many spots. Make sure all the bolts on the seat/seatpost are tight, check to make sure the cranks bolts are tight, check the bearing cap bolts on the bottom (should be tight, but not so tight that the wheel won’t turn freely).

I had a 20" nimbus, it made a creaking sound, I never did figure out what it was, finally it did just go away.


Cheers for that buddy.

I had this problem when I first learned backward riding, but never from idling. It is a real headache. Be careful, or your nice new Nimbus Venture2 cranks will be toast! Some people use blue Loctite, but I never did. For a while I went through a paranoid stage, checking the tightness of my pedals after every backward ride of more than two revolutions, but eventually I stopped doing that, just tightened my pedals thoroughly (though never excessively- some torque wrench owner on this forum can give you better info), and mixing up my backward rides with forward ones. I also use only the tiniest amount of grease on my pedal threads. My pedals haven’t come loose in a very long time now, even though I occasionally do a 50-meter backward ride or two, just to make sure I still have it in me.

I had the same issue of a creaking noise driving me crazy with my first Nimbus unicycle. Thankfully, I figured it out on the first one, so it was easy to resolve on my next two, which also had the same noise.

Maybe yours is spoke noise, but it might not be. Everyone told me it was spoke noise, but it turned out to be the pedals. They were creaking where they screw into the cranks. I put the cranks in a vice and gently put pressure on the pedals with a pedal wrench and reproduced the sound exactly. This happened to me on all my Venture II cranks with Nimbus ‘Studded’ Plastic Pedals. I haven’t used any other combination of cranks and pedals, so I don’t know if it’s an issue with the pedals, the cranks, or a combination of the two. My solution was to tighten the pedals really tight. That fixed it immediately. Get a good pedal wrench, and don’t use the one that came with the unicycle. It’s always a good idea to check the pedals before each ride.

Since the cranks are aluminum, I don’t really like having to tighten the pedals that much, but so far, it hasn’t caused any problems, and I am very careful. I just tighten them enough to get rid of the creaking noise, but it’s still very tight. Don’t know the torque specs. I’m just using a simple pedal wrench.

Again, this may not be your issue, but it’s something to consider, especially since you mentioned that your pedals are coming loose. If you have access to a vice, you might try this:

-Using something to protect the crank (like rubber inserts), clamp one of the cranks horizontally in the vice. (I did this with the cranks still installed on the unicycle, but I suppose you could take the cranks off as well.)

-Get the pedal wrench and put it on the pedal where you would screw or unscrew it.

-Move the pedal wrench back and forth a little without actually loosening or tightening it.

-If you can reproduce the noise, it’s the pedals.


Cheers for comments, I took pedals off, tried other new one I had, same noise, tried to tighten crank arm. Still same noise.
Then took crank off splined spindle, put back on, tightend up again, and guess what? Noise GONE !!!
Yet it didn’t when I tired tightening crank arm whilst on uni, only when I took off and re seated it, did the noise stop.
Really chuffed, as it was really putting me off, whilst trying to learn.