Pedals on a giraffe

My giraffe has plastic “pinned” pedals - it was a bit damp out today and my feet were slipping a bit which was causing me problems. Is there any reason not to put a set of metal pinned pedals on there which my shoes will stick to a lot better? They don’t seem to be used on giraffes that I’ve seen - presumably because you’re not doing extreme stuff, but then most giraffes are probably also used in drier climates. I don’t think I’ve ever got near hitting myself with a pedal, and whilst I’ll be riding in crowds in a few weeks, if my pedals get anywhere near spectators things have already gone very wrong - I’d far prefer to feel in full control.

I guess I might just try putting some metal pinned pedals on and see if I feel happy with them.

Pins are fine for learning/practicing. If you know you’re going to be around people I would recommend no pins. This is not just for the riding part, but for the entry/exit from the venue, etc. One less people to hurt themselves on…

BTW I ride my Schwinn Giraffe on a pair of the original type block pedals. This isn’t a safety thing. It has axle pegs, and sometimes I hand-crank it and ride it around on the pegs. For that you need pedals that are hand-friendly. :slight_smile:

I use ‘Odyssey Twisted’ pedals on my Giraffe (UDC Performer) they have lasted well, surviving the odd UPD without problems.

I live is South Wales (UK) and we know all about rain here. They seem to perform well with wet shoes.

It might be you need to look at your shoes, I use Vans with the waffle sole…

I also use Odyssey Twisted on my other Uni’s, except on my Muni I use metal studded pedals.

My geared up (2:1) penguin is running metal pinned pedals. I found that despite the risk, I needed the extra grip for riding it in a higher gear. They feel MUCH more secure than plastic pedals. For an ungeared I’d think plastic would be fine. It depends a lot on the shoes as well. Fiveten shoes are very grippy and nice I have heard.

Nothing can substitute crowd control, like you said. I’m pretty confident, and I ride close to pedestrians all the time on my 36er, but I don’t think I’d be as comfy on a giraffe.

I say if your comfy with them, go for it. I have gotten my shins with medal studs before and it’s very very ugly. You may also want to look at the plastic pedals with metal studs. Those tend to have more shallow and wide studs that dig better than plastic, but not as much as full metal platform pedals.

Thanks for the advice - I’ve swapped some Twisted PCs (plastic studded pedals) from my guni and they’re way better than what was on there before. The original pedals had something more like raised lumps than pins. I tried swapping just one pedal at first and the difference was really obvious. It’s dry at the moment, though I know those are OK in the wet, if not as good as metal pins (I have Nukeproof Electrons on my ,muni, plastic bodies with metal pins).

I’m using Teva Links bike specific shoes (the ones they no longer make) - sole is decently grippy, though maybe not quite as good as my Vans which have now worn out.

Feeling a lot more confident now my feet are more secure - I suspect it’s mostly the hours of practice I’ve put in this month, but today the only UPD I had was when looking at the sunset rather than the path and I hit a bump. That’s despite doing lots of stuff - idling with both feet, backwards riding, one footed idling - which I couldn’t even do at all a few months ago. I doubt I’ll try most of that next week, but it’s nice to have such a solid ride and idle now.