Pedals need advice

are these pedals any good?
or should i get a more expensive set if so what pedals

They are pretty decent pedals. The pins stick well to every shoe I’ve tried with my pair. The only problem is they are very sharp and tear skin really easily so you’ll want to be careful not to let them hit your legs when falling if you use them.

Or use pads, of course, a good idea if you are learning and using any type of metal-pinned pedals.

My pedals need some advice also. Can anyone help them out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah-ha, knew I’d forgot to say something… :stuck_out_tongue:

id say go with some thing a bit nicer like deity compounds

Check out the Pedal Thread.

I’d get something thinner, like 17 mm or less. Nukeproof Electrons are thin, light, availanle in a bunch of colors, and only a bit more than those DX’s. Others make essentially the same pedal for less, it’s in the pedal thread.

Erza comps are super nice for 30 bucks and free shipping. sealed bearing and grippy. they are at vein bmx

Are they pining? Have they lost their bearings? Tel them to get a grip.

aracer- lol

Yes, pedals are advisable and make the whole riding thing a lot easier :wink:

However, I would not be surprised if someone here isn’t about to announce that they have started riding without pedals because regular unicycling was too easy- plus the weight savings make for a more responsive ride : )


I do like the thinner Deity or Nukeproof electrons. Pins are a mixed blessing- ask my right calf.

I’ve recently started riding without pedals. Regular unicycling is way too easy, and pedals make a unicycle too complex. Not to mention I’ve dropped 1000g of rotational weight from my wheel.

Lose the pedals folks. It’s the new ‘thing’.

I’m not surprised. Let us know how it goes : ) do you recommend a bar and/or brakes?


You clip in?

I recommend a brake, a bar is far too much to have on your uni.

Without pedals, there’s no need for a freewheel hub. Nothing beats the feeling of flying down the road with your brake pads smoking.