Pedals move during unispins

I filmed myself doing some unispins in my garage with my phone and I noticed that my back pedal moves up when I spin. I think that this is why I never hit my back(right leg) and only my front(left leg). What can I do to stop moving the pedals?

i think your spinning too early and your feet are still on the pedals when you spin the uni, which makes the pedals go wonky, try jump up then spin :wink:

So more of a “Jump and kick out-spin-then land”, instead of “Jump and spin-then land”?

Thanks for posting this, I think i just figured out what I’ve been doing wrong!

The crank moves. I watched the video a few more times and is it possible that it’s because my feet aren’t leaving the pedals at the same time causing one crank to go higher/lower than the other?

you don’t hit your back leg because you are about 100 times more likely to end up w/ the uni too far in front and only catch your back foot than you are to end up to far in front and have a good chance of catching your front foot and missing the back pedal while your leg is in front of the pedal

hope that makes sense.
you could practice no footers to get used to not allowing the pedals to rise/drop.

An other tip could be to make sure that you dont lift your unicycle. Make sure that the wheel has contact to the ground all the time.

Ok, good cross training I used to do back in the day was no footers. Try to jump off the uni and land back on training your legs to leave the pedals at the same time so that the cranks dont flip. As with the trick just like said before do in order, jump off evenly, spin the uni, land back on, impress tha ladies ;D

Something else I noticed today while I was practicing was that my front foot when I mount is a little higher than my back. So when I’m hopping SIF my feet aren’t perfectly level. I think that this combining with me pushing off on my right foot makes the cranks rise/drop.