i have just started learning how to ride and now i have started to try and freemount (only actually fremounting a couple of times) but i have a torker lx 24 and the pedals seem to be really slick when getting on they have nearly no grip on them any suggestions on how better to get on or a new set of pedals to use that are not to expensive?

Just deal with it.
Or use some tape.

Find pedals with little screws in them, for grips. I have Snafu pedals, and they are great.

If you want to try out pinned pedals, but don’t want to fork out a load of cash, try a pair of Wellgos. You can pick up a pair for around £12-£15.
And if you find them too grippy, you can take out a few pins with a screwdriver.

Re: pedals/freemounting??

I’d avoid pinned pedals until you are a solid rider. Getting whacked
in the shin hurts a lot more with pins. Freemounting may seem scary
at first, but most of us managed with cheapo pedals. I suggest
learning with what you have.

i havent goten whacked in the shins in a while. i think also my problem might be a combination of my shoe and the pedals
i can ride pretty well once on it. its just my foot kepts slipping of when i try getting on but it is getting a little better it might just be my lack of skillz!
just wanted to know if it was just me or not?
thanks to all

Are you practicing outdoors in the rain? That makes plastic pedals slippery.

If it’s dry, then you probably just need to practice more, I’d not recommend upgrading to pin pedals until you can freemount. I’ve got similar soles to yours (skate shoe flat soles) and they’re fine on my unicycle hockey unicycle which has cheap plastic pedals on it.


You should be able to get it with some practice. I have the same pedals on mine and they don’t give me any problems (unless they’re wet).

If you still can’t get it then you may be able to find some cheap stickier pedals at your bike store.