pedals for Torker LX

In my usual habit of waiting until the last minute, I’ve starting thinking I’d rather have pinned pedals on my Torker LX 24 than the slippery stock ones, for my race this weekend:

Can any BMX pedals be used?

Are they threaded correctly?

I shouldn’t need to spend too much, right? I see really cheap ones on eBay, but my LBS only has a pair for $40, which seems kinda steep.

Any pedals should work as long as the shaft diameter is 9/16"
Quite a few BMX pedals are 1/2"
As long as you purchase the right size, you shouldn’t have a problem. The pedals are marked R and L on the end of the threaded shaft. Be sure to install them on the proper crank

My LBS talked me into the Jim Cielencki Odyssey pedals and I’ve got to say that I somewhat regret spending $40 on them. The bearings shifted around on me and started creating this loud crunching sound every time I pedaled and they came loose a couple times. They look cool enough, arctic camo, but for $40 I expected a pedal I’d never have to worry about.