Pedals for Street


I need replacement pedals for my Nimbus II freestyle unicycle (blue), as I recently cracked one of them doing grinds…

I use it to do smallish jumps… just onto benches etc.
I am learning to do unispins.
I ride down stairs and along walls.

I don’t know what style this is…

I was hoping you could recommend pedals for it.
> Standard plastic BMX pedals
> DX muni pedal

The main attraction of the DXs are that they would look cool (recommend a colour?)+ last longer + more grip.

But how bad would the pedal bite be on DXs as aposed to plastic pedals?

I really like these JC Oddys. I use for trial and street. Easy removable pins with an allen wrench for a flat pedal. I use flat on one side and and pinned on the other.

For plastic pedals go with these

Great grip and a lot of people use them and like them.

I actualy like these one for street:

Strong with just enough grip

Odyssey twisted plastics are very popular for street. I use them and they’re great.

I use Kona jack shit pedals, they were inexpensive and feel great to ride on.